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Finding Balance in the New Forest During Menopause

When it’s time to regain your balance and grasp something that is purely for you, something you are in control of, something that feels like you, step towards nature and time spent in the New Forest.

A short escape like a spa day can be a restorative retreat for women looking to feel empowered during the menopause, the hugely transformative journey that can often throw you off kilter. In this blog we’re talking menopause and how to restore balance in recognition of World Menopause Day which falls this week, on 18th October.

As cyclic beings, life is a constant rollercoaster and it certainly doesn’t stop during the transformative phases of menopause; a journey that can disrupt your equilibrium with a whole host of new challenges. The menopause comes not only with physical challenges, but mental and emotional ones too, you can feel like you’ve lost your mojo, experience a lack of motivation, low self-esteem, fatigue, and feelings of isolation. So, when we say spa day, it isn’t indulgence or pampering, it’s about self-care, preservation, and restoration.

Lynda Allison, founder of The Menopause Boutique, promotes a personal and unique approach to the menopause, believing that “one size does not fit all.” With “34 symptoms of menopause, it is a very personal journey”.

So, when it comes to knowing what you need to restore balance, you won’t know until you try, but what she does say is, be kind to yourself and allow yourself some quiet sometimes.

“During the menopause years, we need harmony, time for ourselves and a little bit of tranquillity in our lives.” – Lynda Allison

The Moments for Me Menopause Spa Day at SenSpa, created in partnership with The Menopause Boutique, encompasses soothing endorphin-releasing massage with focus on pressure points, time to simply relax and find your calm, sessions to ease tension in the hydrotherapy suite and lunch to nourish the body with authentic Thai cuisine in the Zen Garden restaurant.

The Moments for Me Menopause Massage is a gentle, soothing treatment designed to rebalance the nervous and endocrine systems; using pressure point techniques which aim to alleviate symptoms such as headaches and hot flushes and boost energy levels, whilst releasing tension and stress in the body with purposeful, long movements.

Perhaps though, it’s time in nature that your mind and body seek. Forest bathing is an age-old Japanese practice, also known as ‘Shinrin Yoku.’ Forests have a higher concentration of oxygen than urban areas and spending time among the trees has shown to reduce blood pressure, lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, improve sleep and generally promote calm and ease anxiety, another symptom of the menopause you may have experienced. So how do you do it… Simply spend time taking it all in, wander the paths of our National Park, there is no need to rush, but engage the senses, concentrate on your breathing, and find peace in nature.

For many women, exercise can reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, so if you know your body responds to movement, why not move among the trees here in our New Forest. You can combine the healing benefits of forest bathing with an afternoon cycling through our ancient woodland. A five-minute walk from our spa hotel will take you to Cyclexperience where you can hire a bike and rediscover your love of adventure, regain confidence and enjoy exploring in a tranquil and beautiful environment. Cyclexperience even have an app you can download with a selection of cycle routes for a stress-free adventure.

If you can get away for a whole spa weekend you can blend soothing spa sessions with relaxing New Forest meanders for the ultimate retreat. Yes, you may be a mother, a wife, a daughter, or sister but you are a woman too. A night or two away just for you can rebalance and reinvigorate your self-confidence and remind you that self-care is important too. Follow your mind and body; relax when you feel you need it, nap if you choose, eat whatever your body is craving and move if you want to. This is the beauty of a solo wellness retreat.

If what your mind and body is telling you is to retreat to a quiet place for some solo self-care, consider a retreat, just a day to restore balance and that feeling of you-ness that might have been lost in the hormonal upheaval. Remember though, whatever you do, to be kind and gentle with yourself during this transitional time of life and know you’re not alone.