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The Benefits Of Going On A Solo Wellness Retreat

There will always be days when the ‘to do’ list seems endless, the demands on you are non-stop and the daily schedule is becoming overwhelmingly hectic. Lucky for you, we’ve got the answer to turn that stress into wellness! Our New Forest spa hotel is the perfect destination to do away with any pressure life is putting on you, and put yourself first instead.

Not only is Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa a spa hotel – it’s a home away from home, cocooned in a corner of the New Forest National Park in Brockenhurst, Hampshire, offering spa days and spa breaks that are perfect for solo travellers. Read on to find out more about what to do on a wellness retreat at Careys, and why clearing your schedule to visit should be the only thing on your ‘to do’ list today.

There’s No Place Like Home, But…

Sometimes we all need a break. Getting away from the mundane day-to-day can do wonders for your mind and body. A visit to Careys Manor won’t completely break you away from feeling at home, with specially selected room décor and furnishings designed to put home comforts high on the agenda. Finding yourself in a fresh new space, with time for you and your thoughts, can allow you to take on fresh perspectives and get back on track if you find you’ve strayed.

Room for One Please

Find Yourself in Thailand, Without the Jet Lag…

If you’re gearing yourself up for a ticket for one but aren’t quite ready to take the international leap, a solo wellness retreat in the New Forest could be just the local getaway you need before venturing further alone. At Careys, the award-winning SenSpa – one of the few traditional Thai spas in the UK – will offer you the escape you need. Enter the welcoming atmosphere of SenSpa, where our team members and therapists will look after you like family. Treat yourself to a spa day, or even a spa weekend, to make the most of the restorative and revitalising treatments we have to offer.

To The Treatments!

Be At One With Nature, New Forest Nature…

Getting that cognitive reboot you crave is made effortless by the calming, complete serenity of our National Park. A walk amongst the ancient trees, whether listening to a meditative podcast or simply strolling in silence and taking it all in, is perfect for clearing the mind. Cycling alongside the roaming ponies is a far cry from your cycle commute in the city and is a gentle reminder of our place on the planet. Embracing the great outdoors with more adventurous solo activities like forest bathing, paddle boarding or kayaking will get your body moving for a physical boost. This forest therapy offers a complete rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul in just a few days’ worth of activities.

Forest Retreat Spa Break

Have Your Cake And Eat It, All To Yourself…

The idea of sitting in a restaurant alone can be daunting for some, but it can be a great confidence-booster for first-time solo travellers too. Bring a book, plug in to a podcast, make new friends, or simply sit back and enjoy the view. Eating alone can encourage you to go slow, savour the flavours and really enjoy your meal without worrying about the clean up after. At Careys Manor & SenSpa, you can opt for a more relaxed meal at one of our on-site outdoor eateries such as The Neigh Bar, which offers small plates and relaxed seating in the beautiful walls of our front lawn. If you’re feeling a good book and a bite to eat, this is the spot.

What’s On The Menu?

From solo spa days to a simple overnight stay, getting away and seeking solace in the New Forest is a great way to unplug, de-stress and nurture yourself. As tempting as it can be to bring a partner or friend along, next time you’re planning a break, why not give going solo a try?


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