Discover The Power Of Massage For Menopause Relief

Menopause need not be a burden to bear alone. With the new ‘Moments for Me’ Menopause Spa Day available now at our award-winning SenSpa Thai spa, our specially trained therapists use the power of massage and pressure point treatments to help alleviate the symptoms that accompany this transformative phase.

Massage has long been reputed for its therapeutic benefits, but you may be wondering how it can be particularly helpful to women going through the menopause. Let’s take a deeper dive in today’s blog.


More than just physical changes

Bodies, minds, emotions… The menopause affects them all. The mind-body connection during this transitional time, and finding a balance between the two, is essential to finding relief and tranquillity. A massage offers just that – by nurturing your body and soothing your soul, a massage will give you that sense of wellbeing both inside and out, to help you feel more like yourself.

Soothing sensations to embrace

From reducing hot flushes and night sweats, to alleviating muscle aches and tension, massage offers a soothing respite from the daily discomforts of menopausal symptoms. The healing touch of skilled therapists, like our expertly trained team at SenSpa, can promote relaxation and release endorphins to boost your mood. The soothing power of massage is one to embrace, for a calmer and more serene you.

Created in partnership with The Menopause Boutique for an expert-led experience, our ‘Moments for Me’ Menopause Massage offers powerful relief through the use of pure essential oils in purposeful movements. At the start of your session, you will be presented with a questionnaire to help determine which of the four essential oils your body and soul will benefit from most in your treatment. Whether you need time to Renew, Sleep, De-Stress or Relax (as the oils are aptly named), we will ensure we find the right relief for you.

Finding relief through pressure points

Particularly when combined with traditional massage techniques of long, flowing movements, targeting specific pressure points can really maximise the benefits of massage for menopause relief. When indulging in a Moments for Me Menopause Massage at SenSpa, rest assured our therapists will take the time to focus on pressure points from the tips of your toes, up the legs, to the top of your head, helping to rebalance your nervous and endocrine systems. By incorporating this technique, your massage is tailored to address menopause-specific concerns such as insomnia, anxiety and emotional imbalances.

Relief and pampering packaged up

For the ultimate menopause retreat, where the power of massage and relaxation reigns, consider indulging in a spa day. Our ‘Moments for Me’ Menopause Spa Day at SenSpa is specifically designed for women experiencing the menopause to include a gentle and nurturing 60-minute menopause massage using essential oils from The Menopause Boutique, access to the hydrotherapy suite for a soothing sensory experience and a delightful 2-course lunch at Zen Garden.

Treat yourself to a well-deserved escape, with holistic therapies offering a precious opportunity to nurture not only your physical body, but also your mental and emotional wellbeing.


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