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The Micro Trend We Love: Slow Travel

Travel is changing, and we think, for the better. The once micro trend of slow travel is growing and it looks like it’s here to stay. But what do we mean by ‘slow travel’ and why do we love the idea…

Slow down, see more, this is the basic principle of ‘slow travel.’ A growing movement making a conscious choice to step away from the mainstream tick-list, insta-worthy whirlwind approach to travel, to instead embrace more meaningful experience-based breaks; travelling more sustainably, staying in one place for longer and soaking up the true feeling and culture of a destination.

Slow travel is more sustainable

Once upon a (pre-pandemic) time, many would have squeezed in a quick multi-stop jet-set trip between work and life, choosing quickest transport option to the destination in order to hit all the tourist hotspots as quickly as possible. But the growing tendency is for a more sustainable, less rushed approach. This can only mean good things for the environment and our carbon footprint. People are opting, more consciously, for staycations, less air travel and when possible, to use public transport such as train travel.

With the train station in Brockenhurst just a short walk away from our New Forest hotel, and regular direct services from London Waterloo, the Midlands, and the North, it’s a traffic-free, less stressful option of reaching our beautiful National Park. Plus, leaving the car at home means you can relax, spend less on fuel, use public transport if you really need or simply opt for a New Forest break on foot or hire a bicycle.

Slow tourism highlights too the importance of sustainable local cuisine, with great focus on supporting local businesses and eating fresh seasonal ingredients as far as possible. This is the ethos our own hotel restaurants follow, despite each offering a varied and ever-changing menu. So, you needn’t travel far if you feel inclined to spend an afternoon sipping tea and enjoying freshly baked scones; or perhaps your hotel break includes dinner, in which case the choice is yours. Sampling the delights of our Thai restaurant the Zen Garden, French-inspired cooking of Le Blaireau or modern British cuisine in Cambium.

Slow travel is more money conscious

Slow tourism tells us that people are less concerned with filling every moment of their trip with organised tours and tourist spots, and are more aware of saving money and utilising their precious time-off more wisely.

As we all know, top tourist spots can be more expensive and get very busy which can sometimes spoil the very reason why it is special in the first place. By visiting quieter, lesser-known places and travelling out of season, not only can you save money but you can rekindle a love of discovery. That feeling of finding somewhere unique; the perfect private spot for sunset, a characterful local café, or a bustling farmers market. Hampshire, and the New Forest in particular, is full of these treasures.

Slow travel is experience-based

Slowing down, spending longer in one place, and leaving some of your trip unplanned means anything could happen – in the best possible way!

Spending quality time somewhere allows deeper engagement and the chance to simply wander and explore rather than feeling pressure to do and see it all in a day. Slow travel welcomes you to stop for that impromptu coffee and cake, or to take that refreshing swim in the sea. After all, that’s the whole point of an escape, to get away from the everyday. A visit to Careys Manor offers you just that – an escape to a quiet corner of an enchanting National Park with endless activities to enjoy.

Slowing travel invites memorable moments

Slow travel invites spontaneous decisions and special experiences – the ones that you remember; the times when you chose to live in the moment, whether it was saying yes to that chilly dip, to waking up and letting the sunshine guide the day, or the rain lead you to the spa. Whatever the weather, why not leave some things to serendipity.

This is your sign to say yes to making time for that long-awaited, much-discussed catch up with friends. Get away to a tranquil retreat in the heart of the New Forest, giving time to important friendships, embracing self-care, and simply relaxing away from it all for just one night. New for the season, our Hide & Sleep Break invites you to sip bubbles together, catch up over dinner and then enjoy a blissful night’s sleep.

Slow travel supports physical and mental wellbeing

Slow travel has demonstrated the importance of slowing down. Our Hampshire hotel in the heart of an ancient National Park is perfectly situated for a peaceful weekend of forest therapy, the chance to reconnect with nature, or take some time out for self-care and restoration.

At SenSpa wellbeing is at the centre of it all, so when you choose to take a country hotel break, know that rest and relaxation is not an indulgence, but an essential part of life. If your impulses are leading you towards self-care, listen to them. You can’t do it all and be everywhere, instead, it’s important to ask yourself what you need in the moment, and if it is to stop and relax, allow that door to open.

If you struggle to slow down and unwind, perhaps a spa experience is just what you need. Time set aside to purely rest and feel restored. The Siam Spa Break welcomes you to experience the warmth of Thailand without the jetlag – a break to ease tired muscles, promote restful sleep and nourish mind and body.

Why you’ll love our New Forest for slow travel

A New Forest break welcomes the beauty of slow travel. Yes, there’s an abundance of tourist hotspots, but there are also plenty of other places to explore off the beaten track with unforgettable views to capture, less-trodden paths to walk and quaint independent shops to peruse.

When you book a dinner, bed & breakfast break there’s no need to fill all of your time. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and then simply see where the day takes you. And leave tomorrow, to tomorrow.


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