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Sen Sound Sessions: Tune into Your Emotions with the Flower Moon – Tuesday 28th May 2024

28th May 2024
8.30 – 10.00 pm

£45 per person

A world of sensory bliss awaits, where water’s weightless embrace meets the harmonious rhythms of sound. Discover it for yourself at our brand new Sen Sound Sessions – an exclusive event series that promises an immersive journey into relaxation, escapism, and playful exploration through ambient sounds and flotation on water. Each monthly session has its own distinct theme, based on moon cycles and the elements, offering a unique opportunity to redefine your relationship with nature and yourself.

Tune into Your Emotions with the Flower Moon

Whilst new moons tend to represent new beginnings, this month’s flower moon signals the end of a cycle; the end of the long, cold winter. Join our session, where we channel the beauty of rebirth, allowing you to shed the things in life that may be stunting your growth and open up space for your spirit to awaken this spring. This Sen Sound Session will include a carefully prepared playlist by Joel Cahen to meet the sensitive emotions arising with the flower moon, along with Helena Eflerova’s aquatic bodywork supporting connection to our emotions, allowing us to fully tune in and prepare to rebloom.


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Meet The Event Experts

Helena Eflerova, an Aquatic Bodywork practitioner, brings her expertise to curate a safe and enriching experience for all attendees. With a deep understanding of water’s therapeutic qualities, she will help you navigate this journey of relaxation and self-discovery with grace and compassion.

Joel Cahen, the maestro behind the desk, will enchant you with soul-stirring compositions that elevate the aquatic experience to new heights. His mastery in curating soundscapes ensures a seamless blend of water and melody, creating an atmosphere of pure magic.