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Unplugging and Reconnecting: Why Men Should Consider Solo Retreats

The retreat, the need for a sanctuary, a break for physical and mental wellness for those seeking tranquillity, mindfulness, relaxation and reconnection with nature…

You’re more likely to hear about girly getaways, hen parties and romantic breaks for couples than men’s relaxing retreats and solo spa breaks.

This definition of retreat challenges the concept of modern masculinity, and it’s these kinds of societal expectations that can directly impact men’s health and whether they ask for help, talk about their health issues or even consider such a break being available to them.

‘Men are almost half as likely to report seeking professional help for their mental health concerns, compared to women.’ (Oliver et al., 2005).

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month and we’re here to challenge the norms and to suggest that men need to escape, relax and find solace in a retreat too, but not only that, we’re talking solo retreats…

Embrace the need

It’s okay if you feel you need an escape. It’s time to let go of the norms that dictate men must be stoic, tough and self-reliant. We all need a break sometimes.

A solo retreat offers freedom; to rest, explore, eat, relax, as you choose. This time-out can help to lend perspective and ease tension that has built up over time.

Maybe it’s a friend, brother or partner that is struggling with the business of everyday life, that could do with a hotel break away. Would a gift voucher for Christmas be the thoughtful surprise that could make all the difference for them? A solo getaway for just a night, something they would never think of doing for themselves, to simply relax and restore calm.


A country hotel break invites you to unplug from being constantly ‘switched on’; from the constant buzz of the phone, the noise of the tv, the pressure of work. There’s a lot of expectation to respond, react and be available at a moment’s notice now that we are contactable 24/7.

A solo retreat welcomes a healthy disconnect from it all, for just a night or two. A New Forest getaway allows you to put down the elements of life that start to take over and pick up the things you could do with a little more of. Relaxation, reading, sleeping or the chance to ease tension with a stress-relieving full body massage or an Ayuverdic Head Massage to deeply relax and improve sleep, or time in the warmth of SenSpa’s Hydrotherapy Suite.

Or perhaps a retreat is a chance to clear the schedule and spend time outside, away from the desk. Under the ancient trees, walking or cycling and embracing your perfect way to unwind.

A solo retreat in the New Forest takes the pressure off; you can spend all day out there if you wish, and then when you come in to relax and refuel, dine in one of our three restaurants, whichever takes your fancy, or order room service – the choice is all yours.

A gift voucher for a hotel break can be just the nudge someone needs to book.


With nature, with your senses, with yourself and with relaxation and let go of feeling the need to be busy all the time. On a solo retreat in the New Forest National Park, escape all distractions, dust off the walking boots and simply enjoy being in nature.

Nature is not just the green at your window, it’s out there to be experienced, enjoyed and the health benefits it gives, taken advantage of. You may have heard of the term ‘forest bathing,’ or Shinrin-yoku; promoting the ‘bathing’ of the senses in nature, it encourages people to take their time to walk slowly amongst the trees, listen to the birds, spot wildlife, and be present in the moment. Forest bathing has also shown to greatly improve mood and concentration, boost creativity, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of Cortisol, the stress hormone. We currently have 10% off our Sensehacking Spa Day until the end of December, which encourages forest bathing, complete relaxation and enjoying delicious food.


Never underestimate the importance of time for you, to unplug and disconnect from the busyness that can create anxiety and stress, and realign with a more relaxed you. A solo wellness retreat could be just what you need to refocus, rest and reset. Taking care of our own wellbeing is just as important as looking after the wellbeing of our family, partner, parents or loved ones.