Spa Etiquette & What to expect when you spa

10th Jan 2019

A spa is a tranquil space to dedicate time to you, away from the demands of day to day life, doing things that will wash away stress and enhance health. 

With new social distancing and other Covid-secure proceedures in place, as well as the usual spa etiquette, knowing what to expect and being prepared can make a difference to how you experience your special treat.

If you’re a dyed in the wool spa goer you will know that etiquette in most spas is similar, though you may wish to check if your chosen spa allows children as some have children’s swimming hours in the morning and/or evenings, which may or may not be welcome.

Spa time is all about pleasure and relaxation and it is our mission and pleasure to help guests feel relaxed and comfortable at all times, so we really do appreciate you asking for anything that will help you to achieve a Buddha-like state.

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Most spas provide bathrobe and basic toiletries. Look up the spa’s FAQs on their website as they have helpful information on what they provide and what you should bring with you, which is usually minimal as you’re likely to be in swimmers and/or a bathrobe most of the day. If you bring your own footwear make sure that it is non-slip and for studio classes bring something that is loose and comfortable.

Don’t worry about what to wear for treatments. Well trained therapists are consummately skilled at preserving modesty and can deal with whatever you happen to be wearing when you arrive for your treatment.

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For hydrotherapy, swimsuits are the order of the day, though defiant Europeans have been known to occasionally rebel against our norms by proudly baring all, but luckily this is very rare. Leave your jewellery off as it gets hot in thermal areas and can burn you or at the least, be uncomfortable.

Do make sure you book all your treatments well in advance as most spas have limited capacity on the day, if any. Choose treatments with your greatest need in mind. All spa treatments are relaxing so home in on benefits that matter most to you – is it stiff, tired muscles that a massage will ease, or a weathered winter complexion that needs the TLC of a facial? Are you preparing for a party and want a beautiful buffed body with a body polish treatment? If you’re shy and prefer not to take clothes off try Thai massage as this involves wearing comfortable Thai pyjamas throughout the session. Though if you’re new to massage you will need to tell your therapist to go lightly as this tends to be a strong massage and not for the faint of heart.

If you have any health conditions or special needs, be sure to flag them when you book so that staff can best guide you on how to make the most of treatments and facilities. Likewise, let the spa know if you have any dietary requirements to make eating a pleasurable and stress-free experience.

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The no no’s 

Not showering - every guest is strictly required to shower before entering any of the pools. 75% of bacteria is removed by simple showering which leaves more available chlorine to kill virus and bacteria.

Phones are off-limits in most spas and can be offensive to others, so take the opportunity to give yourself a digital detox. Allow yourself to be in the moment and to fully immerse youself in the spa experience - we have no doubt you will feel the benefit.

If you’re with people, be respectful and keep voices down. Spas are wonderful places to catch up with friends, but it is the discreet variety of socialising and noisy guests may be asked to leave if they disturb others. The shower? It is de rigueur – do I need to say more?

For maximum benefit and to keep those floaty, holiday sensations for as long as possible, don’t plan anything strenuous after a spa visit; you’ll sleep like a baby.

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