The Surprising Benefits of Mud Therapy

The Benefits of Mud Treatments

Aside from being immensely soothing and supremely relaxing, spa mud treatments have a number of unique qualities that make them great for you and your body. It’s no secret either – the use of mud in beauty treatments have been celebrated across the globe for centuries as a source of therapy and healing. So what exactly are the benefits?

Removes Toxins

When it comes to mud therapies such as a Rhassoul Mud Treatment at SenSpa, not just any old mud is used. Rhassoul mud is the finest of its kind, from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Packed with anti-oxidants, the carefully selected mud draws out the body’s toxins through the pores in your skin. As you cover your skin in the warm textured muds, free radicals in the skin are absorbed leaving it able to replenish. Rhassoul mud has been used by men and women for over 1400 years as a soap, shampoo, and skin conditioner; known to improve skin texture, softness and elasticity whilst detoxifying and drawing out impurities.


Soothes skin

Mud therapies are also brilliant ways to exfoliate the skin. If you’re seeking that ultra smooth factor that your skin’s been lacking, the minerals applied to your skin through a mud massage are perfect for rejuvenating your skin’s radiance. At SenSpa, the Shakti Total Body Boost Treatment is a combination body treatment focusing on total relaxation. First your skin is exfoliated before a mud body wrap draws out impurities and improves skin condition and complexion.

It doesn’t end there either – the texture of the mud means its brilliant at scrubbing away your body’s dead skin. Then as it dries the mud will absorb the skin’s excess oils, making it great at smoothing out acne. The drying mud also pinches the skin together, contributing to a tautness that can help reduce wrinkles and lines! There’s nothing closer to a Fountain of Youth!

The Shakti Total Body Boost treatment is completed with a relaxing Swedish style oil massage and the end result is a beautifully glowing, new you.

Eases Muscle Pains and Aches

Mud massage treatments have long been regarded highly for their ability to ease muscle tension. Due to its high mineral content and thermal properties, it acts as an anti-inflammatory when applied to the body.

Mud therapies encourage blood circulation and reduce swellings – some say it even assists in soothing arthritic joints. What is guaranteed is that mud treatments will ease your body’s aches and pains so that they slip away as you slide into muddy magnificence.


You can see the benefits of mud massage treatments for yourself with a spa day in Hampshire at SenSpa. Make sure to try an ESPA Rejuvenating Mud Body Wrap or Rhassoul Mud treatment during your visit to experience the wonders of therapeutic mud.


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