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Revitalise Your Festive Spirit: 5 Benefits of a Pre-Christmas Spa Day

If the thought of Christmas sends you into a state of panic rather than jovial excitement, it may be a sign that you need a pre-Christmas rest to restore your festive spirit.

We think it’s time to turn the tradition of Christmas being a fun but stressful occasion on its head, and we’ve got just the thing to revitalise your festive spirit so you can feel calm heading towards the celebrations and then onward into a sparkling new year.

We’re talking about a pre-Christmas spa day, and here’s why…

Rest to revitalise and renew your festive spirit

Everyone needs to unwind, and as the chill of winter sets in we can start to feel the accumulation of tension, so why wait until after Christmas to press GO on the ‘rest needed’ button, set good intentions now with our seasonal spa offer – the Nourish and Calm Spa Day.

Let’s break the connection that seems to have formed between Christmas and stress, and release you from all that built-up tightness so you can then look ahead to Christmas, whether you’re hosting, travelling, staying in or celebrating your first together, with authentic excitement and joy.

Perhaps you’re not the only one who needs a day of renewal… If a friend or loved one would truly benefit from a day of rest and renewal, our spa days, breaks and dining experiences are available as a gift voucher, why not give someone an early Christmas surprise with a spa day gift voucher for SenSpa.

Disconnect from the digital world

Of course, we can’t totally escape our digital world, it’s wonderful in so many ways; making it possible to communicate with loved ones all over the world, making us feel that much closer at Christmas time, when it can be hard to be far apart from the ones you love. But it’s important that we disconnect sometimes too, from work, emails, schedules, and school timetables so we can reconnect with ourselves, each other, and with the true spirit of Christmas – togetherness.

A spa day in our luxury New Forest spa hotel provides essential time away from screens, buzzes and beeps, and a reason to switch off. A moment to breathe, find deep relaxation and restore your natural rhythm.

Why not plan a digital escape with someone special over the Christmas period? Book a spa day for 2 in our Brockenhurst spa hotel, or surprise them with a spa day voucher for two (in the hope they will invite you along); time together, free of distractions where you can simply pick up where you left off and forget the outside world for but a moment.

Sense-hack your system

We’ve heard the saying, “a change is as good as a rest,” but what about both- a change and a rest for the senses.

Tap into the healing properties of our ancient woodland by coming away from everyday life for a spa day or spa break in our New Forest spa hotel; it can be the change of scenery and a day of rest your mind and body is craving – to bring you back to the moment.

Part of sense-hacking your system means re-engaging the senses that may have become dulled or drowned out by the buzz of everyday life.

Spend time in our Hydrotherapy Suite and welcome the soothing power of water; restore balance and ease tension, alternating between hot and cold water to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and reduce muscle soreness, as well as reducing anxiety and stress, and improving mental clarity.

The Nourish and Calm Spa Day includes a gorgeous SenSpa Nourish Gift Box (worth £26.95) which includes SenSpa’s Signature Scent Essential Oil developed with a delightful aroma of Patchouli, Lavender, and Geranium subtly balanced by Bergamot and Yarrow, so when it’s time to head home you can take a piece of SenSpa with you.


Boost mental wellbeing

Spending time in our National Park, an Area of Outstanding Beauty, invites a change of pace. A day of quiet can help us to feel grounded, cared for and nourished, improving sleep and offering clarity.

Our National Park offers the opportunity to experience what’s known as ‘Forest Bathing’ or ‘Shinrin-yoku,’ which has shown to improve mindfulness, mood, and concentration, as well as boost creativity, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol.

During your day or stay with us at our New Forest spa hotel, step out into the New Forest, walk amongst our ancient trees, and feel peaceful and mindful away from life’s distractions.

Self-love & recognition

Never underestimate the power of self-care; it needn’t be a resolution that waits for January, begin now.

Self-care and being kind to yourself isn’t indulgence, it’s essential maintenance and it shouldn’t come with guilt. At times, especially at Christmas it may be easier to put the needs of others first, forgoing the rest, sleep, and nurture you need, but by doing something for you and acknowledging the need for self-care can improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

It’s time to celebrate you! Enjoy a glass of Champagne with your delicious 2-course lunch at our authentic Thai restaurant Zen Garden as part of your Nourish and Calm Spa Day.

Put yourself first, and the joy you discover will impact everything else in life, including the joyful return of your festive spirit.

If you need any more reasons to visit our New Forest hotel and award-winning Hampshire spa SenSpa for a pre-Christmas experience remember that new Christmas traditions can be made at any time. If for you that means booking a spa break in December to de-stress and reconnect with your festive spirit then so be it. Make it the Christmas you’ve always dreamed of!