The Importance Of Forest Therapy

11th Mar 2018

Stretch your legs, breathe fresh forest air and explore the wilds of the New Forest to calm your mind, body and soul.

More than ever, we’re seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of life and this is no bad thing. The rollercoaster we’re riding can leave us at times feeling stressed, anxious and in some cases depressed which is why charities such as Mind support the powers of forest therapy, embracing the great outdoors for a calmer, stronger you.
The charity reports that a simple walk in the forest can reduce the feelings of depression by up to 71% and a walk in urban environments by 22%. A recent article shared by Countryfile Magazine reads that Japanese scientists are also researching a new practice called Shinrin-yoku which translates as Forest Bathing. This simply means soaking up the woodland atmosphere as you spend time in the forest – lovely! We would highly recommend some ‘forest bathing’ activity upon your next stay, especially if you’re feeling a little stressed out.
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Aside from the above, forest air is fresh and fresh air can boost your immune system. For the city workers it’s about escaping the polluted air of the city smoke and inhaling forest air which can ease respiratory problems, giving those disease fighting cells a massive boost!
A walk in the countryside calms the mind instantly; imagine a place where honking horns, traffic lights and crowded pavements don’t exist? It’s just a space for you and your mind to have a break. What does rush hour look like in the New Forest? Please see below:
The Importance Of Forest Therapy | Careys Manor4
So introduce the powers of Forest Therapy into your life – it’s a simple as a walk in the park!
Why retreat to the New Forest?

Allow us to set the scene for you:

Made famous by its roaming ponies who meander quietly through the streets of country villages such as Brockenhurst, Beaulieu and Burley, the New Forest is also famous for its pervading heathland which is in fact the largest area of heathland in Europe.
As well as our treasured ponies you’ll see Highland cattle fallow, roe, sika and red deer roaming freely. Catching the illusive deer is as much of a thrill for the locals as it is for tourists so channel your inner David Attenborough and wait patiently in the recommended areas – it’s absolutely worth it.
There are over 1500 ancient trees in the forest; some are over 1000 years old.
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The number of alluring walking routes is almost limitless. Upon your travels you’ll see ancient woodland, heaths, quaint villages and even 40 miles of ‘secret’ coastline!
Situated close to the hotel are the beaches of both Hampshire and Dorset. Venture out to the quiet town of Highcliffe and visit it’s historical castle which was once home to Harry Selfridge and even featured in the ITV television series. You can even sail across the Solent to the Isle of Wight or walk the Solent footpath from Milford-on-sea to the lovely port town of Lymington for a spot of shopping or a delicious ice cream.
Our helpful concierge team can recommend walking routes around the area to suit all abilities and once you return to the hotel after a day of exploration, why not unwind in our award-winning spa – see this as the icing on the cake of a relaxing day in this enchanting National Park, can it get any better?

What are you waiting for? Browse your Countryside Breaks and book your retreat to the New Forest today. For further information please call 01590 624467 or

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The Importance Of Forest Therapy | Careys Manor2
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