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Mindful Walking For A Calmer You

Some of us think of ourselves as separate from nature, when in fact we are of the earth, as much a part of the natural world as every lifeform. The closer to the natural world we are, the easier it is to experience a state free of stress, tension and worry, because nature is our true home. When we are in it we are nourished and calmed.

The New Forest is ancient and has some of the rarest heathland in Europe. It is diverse and has easy walking tracks with plenty of places to simply sit and absorb the beauty.

When you walk in the forest try these mindfulness techniques to fully immerse yourself in the experience:


Turn off your devices to give yourself the best chance of relaxing, being mindful and enjoying a sensory forest-based experience.

Start by feeling the sensations in your body, how the earth feels underfoot, how the air feels on your skin, where you are warm or cool.

Walk slowly all the while noticing the things around you.

Tune into your surroundings. Hear the sounds of the forest. Listen to the sound of leaf as it rustles, hear birdsong or squirrels as they scamper through fallen leaves and mulch.

Notice the trees, the texture of the bark, the shape of branches and leaves.

Notice how it feels to walk on the different surfaces of the forest floor, notice rocks and stones, their shapes and hues. See the sky, its colour and how it affects the forest palette as it constantly changes.

Continue to heighten your awareness by noticing the small details in the forest such as different grasses and clovers, mosses, seeds, fungi and flowers.

If you become distracted stop walking and start again when you have regained awareness.

Find a comfortable place to sit and continue to be aware of the sensations in your body and your surroundings.

Give gratitude for all that the forest gives.



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