Tea-riffic Facts From Leaf To Tea Cup

26th Jul 2016

Pour yourself a cuppa and let’s begin with a little bit of the history behind tea.

Tea is famously known as “The quintessentially British beverage” however it is also believed to have been discovered in Ancient China, approximately 5,000 years ago. This was believed to be founded by herbalist Shen Nung, using tea as an ingredient and tonic herb to help digestion and skin problems.
Making its way over to Japan, tea was discovered by Buddist Monks, who found that tea helped them focus and kept them awake during their long meditations. Tea didn’t arrive in Europe & Great Britain until the 15th century.
Whilst you’re sipping away on that lovely brew, Cambium Restaurant Manager Basha Tamboli tells us about his recent achievement of becoming a Tea Sommelier and what makes tea so special.
Tea for countries like Japan and China is a gift from God, they make it and serve it with respect and this is how I like to serve tea at Cambium
Basha recently completed his ITEA (International Tea Education Institute) Training course with Camellia’s Tea House, a sustainable sourced tea brand.
Camellia Tea has a lot of health benefits and uses all natural blends and flavours, without the use of chemicals. Renowned for producing award-winning tea Camellia creates delicious blends such as the Very Berry Tea, which tastes like a sweet snack on its own!”
Before training with Camellia, I was a coffee drinker, I would drink (probably too much) coffee all day however, now I have a fine collection of tea and just one box of coffee in my cupboard. I can now extend my knowledge to staff and guests which makes it all the more interesting.
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What is a Tea Sommelier?

Much like a Wine Sommelier, Tea Sommelier’s learn about the flavour, texture and complexity of each tea leaf just like Wine Sommeliers learn about the quality of the wine and each grape.
To become a Tea Sommelier involves far more than tasting tea. A Sommelier will study the type of tea, the region, the history and the correct brewing technique.
“Cambium White Fusion Tea” is Basha’s favourite Camellia blend available at Careys Manor. The mixture of aroma & fruitiness doesn’t spoil the flavour of the food and gives you a great experience.

What is Basha’s all-time favourite tea?

His favourite tea is an Oolong, Chinese tea. He loves everything about this tea, from the way this is made, the flavours and that you can brew it up to 5 times or add it to food as an ingredient.
The way you pour tea is an art. Tea and water are like husband and wife, you must combine them the right way. If the water is too hot, you can’t feel the aroma and texture of the tea and will spoil the relationship between tea and water. It needs to create oxidation to give life to tea to release the flavours.

To book Afternoon Tea at Careys Manor call directly on 01590 624467.

Read Basha's story of how he came to work in hospitality and at Cambium.
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