Which spa treatment is right for me?

When you visit the award-winning Thai spa, SenSpa, at Careys Manor Hotel, you have some wonderful choices before you. Whether to visit the herbal sauna or crystal steam or should you sip on a smoothie or green tea in the relaxation room? Not to mention the extensive spa treatment list which is full of wonderful body-loving rituals, but which spa treatment is going to be the right one for you?

You can be certain that one of the highly trained therapists will take care of you from start to finish; guiding you to one of the relaxing treatment rooms where soft music will play in the background whilst you sink into deep relaxation on a most comfortable treatment bed, and they use only the finest organic ingredients to soothe and nourish you, but when it comes to choosing your spa treatment, we understand that only you know you best.

Tina Herridge, SenSpa’s Therapy and Training Manager suggests thinking about ‘the why’ before you think of ‘the what’.

“I would ask anyone unsure of which treatment to choose to first consider what outcome they would like from their treatment. Are you looking for relaxation? Are you holding tension – physically or emotionally? Or do you have a skin condition you want to improve?”

So, with Tina’s expert advice in mind, we have some recommendations of spa treatments based on possible treatment goals that may resonate with you.

I would like a spa treatment that makes me feel totally relaxed – is a massage right for me?

If you have never experienced The Essential Relaxation Massage, the time is now. This is a totally relaxing full body spa treatment using Swedish techniques and cold pressed organic oils to calm the nervous system, release the muscles and improve circulation. Working all the major muscles groups, it starts at the feet and works up to the neck and shoulders, easing tension and stress with long soothing massage strokes, kneading and thumb pressures.

I carry a lot of tension and stress in my shoulders – is the anti-stress massage right for me?

Absolutely! The Anti Stress Massage was created specifically for the back, neck and shoulders to release tension and increase circulation to tight, stressed muscles. It uses cold pressed organic oil and adopts a combination of soothing Swedish strokes, thumb pressures, kneading and chopping movements to bring relief to over-worked muscles.

You might also like to try the Thai Herbal Poultice Back Massage which uses a steamed Thai Herbal Poultice (a muslin ball filled with therapeutic Thai herbs) which is beautifully warming and soothing for the muscles. Your therapist rolls and kneads the muscles with the warm poultice, releasing aromas of wild turmeric, lemongrass, tamarind and camphor, before massaging your back with relaxing organic oil.

I don’t really like my body being massaged – which spa treatments would you recommend for me?

For anyone who doesn’t enjoy body massage, Tina recommends trying other massage treatments like the foot and head massages, or facials and nail treatments.

If you think you might enjoy a foot massage, the Oriental Foot Massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that increases circulation and uses anti-inflammatory herbs of lemongrass, turmeric and cassumunar ginger to soothe aches and pains. The treatment focuses on the lower leg, beginning with a cleanse and exfoliation to revitalise the legs and feet. Your therapist will then use a Thai herb infused poultice to warm and relax the muscles. They will finish the treatment with a head massage to complete the experience of deep relaxation.

If you would rather avoid massage altogether and try an alternative therapy, have you heard of the AlphaSphere Deluxe? This is a unique sensory experience that uses sound therapy, colour therapy, aromatherapy and vibration to induce deep relaxation.

Still unsure? Take to the Relaxation room to peruse our informative treatment book or speak to one of SenSpa’s highly trained therapists or a member of the reception team, who are always on hand to advise if you need further help deciding on a treatment.

It’s a special occasion and I want to be pampered – which spa treatment is right for me?

Have you ever experienced a SenSpa Manicure or Pedicure? Not only will they give you beautiful nails to show off, whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or Christmas party, but they’re wonderfully relaxing treatments that will make you feel extra special too.

SenSpa’s Manicures and Pedicures begin with a cuticle tidy and shaping, an application of the polish of your choice, followed by an exfoliation with a pumice, seaweed and Dead Sea salt, then a relaxing massage – this is ultimate pampering!

I am going on holiday and I want my skin to glow – which scrub, or wrap is right for me?

Discover SenSpa’s newest body treatment, the Shakti, Total Body Boost Ritual. This is truly the ultimate body treatment encompassing exfoliation, detoxification and relaxation for glowing, radiant skin.

The ritual begins with a full body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin for a smoother complexion, then you choose between the Ying Yang Algae Detox Body Wrap, which reduces water retention, increases the metabolism and tones the skin or the Moksa Beautifying Mud Body wrap, which draws out impurities and improves skin condition. All before finishing with a relaxing Swedish style oil massage to relax the muscles and soothe your beautiful rejuvenated skin.

For a wonderful glow, you will also love the Uplifting Body Polish. A luxurious spa treatment that works on renewing the skin, removing dead skin cells before restoring and cleansing with hibiscus, ylang ylang and neroli for nourished healthy skin.

I would like a facial that boosts and revives my skin – which one is right for me?

For a boost of radiance choose the Willow Hydrate & Glow Facial. This luxury spa facial uses finely ground bamboo to gently exfoliate the skin ready for the regenerative and antioxidant properties of the Barbary Fig to work its magic. Rice, oats and Manuka honey remove dead skin cells, reducing fine lines, clarifying dull complexions and intensively moisturises for an ultra-smooth and soft complexion.

For a completely different facial but one that still uses delicious ingredients, try the Express Manuka Facial which exfoliates with finely ground bamboo and mouth-watering Manuka honey before rehydrating and moisturising the skin with barbary fig and natural plant oils.


I would like a spa treatment that deeply relaxes and promotes sleep – which spa treatment is right for me?

Feel calm and soothed after an Ayuverdic Head Massage; a sleep-promoting and deeply relaxing treatment stemming from Indian ayurvedic tradition. Cold pressed, organic coconut oil is first soothingly poured onto your head and then used to massage and stimulate the scalp. The massage techniques will focus on the marma points on the head to promote ‘prana’ (energy) throughout the body.

This divine spa treatment not only induces a deep state of relaxation, but it also improves mental clarity, circulation and is wonderful for boosting hair growth and giving your hair a super healthy shine.

Discover a world of over 40 luxury spa treatments using high quality natural and organic ingredients given by expert therapists to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your chosen treatment.

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