Introducing Lauren Bond-Thomas | Conference & Events

21st May 2015

Are you looking for a conference venue in Hampshire? Meet Lauren, our Conference & Events Sales Executive. With an impressive CV behind her, Lauren’s experience in the industry and passion to deliver shines through her work.
So let’s get to know more about the person behind your next corporate event…

What do you love about your job?

We work with so many different industries and countries which is a lot of fun. I love a challenge too. Within this job you’re sometimes faced with some tough ones, but it’s extremely rewarding when they’re achieved. One example of this would be an Emergency Response Training event that took over the entire hotel. With their brief in hand I worked closely with our Operations team to ensure each section was in the right room, and all ran smoothly.
Another part of my job that I love it reaching targets and selling, a Sales Executive cannot meet their objectives if they’re not motivated by achieving. Other perks of the job would be client dinners, lunches and days out. Not only do I get to know our clients, but I also get to catch up past clients too who return to the hotel for their next event, and with three on-site restaurants I get to taste our delicious menus quite often!

Who or what are you inspired by?

When I was 14 I arranged a horse show with a friend. It was from then that I knew Event Management was for me. I had an interview at college and they lent me a video (yes, a VHS!) of a programme based around Admirable Crichton (a luxury party planning company) and I was hooked.
I worked at the Royal Society in London for a few years which was incredibly interesting. There was never a dull moment as we organised ground breaking events for the Royal family, the government and many more.
I would have to say the person who has inspired me the most would be my very own father. My dad Norman is a chef who caters for thousands with no stress. He used to cater for TV and film sets such as the Bergerac and the Royal Wedding in 1981. Being a close family I often get dragged in to helping him with some of his projects which can be a challenge in itself – you thought Gordon Ramsey was fiery!

What are your key skills?

It may sound cliché however I really am a people person. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. In this industry, you have to be thick skinned, something I believe I am. Hotels and events are challenging so you’ve got to be strong, quick thinking and organised.

Outside of work, what do you love?

I have a black Labrador called Reggie who is a lot of fun. Fortunately for my dad I also love food and his Paella is the best I’ve ever tasted. Horses are also a love of mine; I try to go riding as often as I can.
There’s no better place to live than in the New Forest. I lived in London for a few years and whilst the hustle and bustle of the city was fun, there was something about this wonderful part of the world that brought me home.

How to contact Lauren?

For more information regarding the business and conference facilities at our hotel in the New Forest please call Lauren on 01590 625 217 or contact us online.
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