How To Stay Productive At Work

1st Apr 2017

There’s no better feeling than crossing something off your ‘to do’ list. A productive day in the office is incredibly satisfying and can only lead to good things. With the sunnier skies and your annual summer holiday just weeks away it's hard to keep the momentum going, so to help you stay on task, here's some of our top tips in staying productive at work this season:
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Tackle the big jobs first

There’s nothing more frustrating for you and your colleagues than procrastination. It’s not good for your work, your mind or your morale so tackle those boring, big tasks first.

Prioritise – you can say NO

If it’s not a priority at that very moment, say no and explain why it can’t be done right away. It would be wonderful if we could be everything to everyone all the time but it’s not possible. Prioritise your tasks, give yourself completion dates and this’ll make those extra bits more achievable to fit in and complete.
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Take breaks

Walk, stretch, breathe, read, drink, eat and return to your desk. It’s so important physically and mentally that you take breaks. As a manager it's also important to encourage breaks too. Why not refresh your team's morale and take them on a team away day? We can help you organise a fun filled day of team building activities in the New Forest.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can seriously affect concentration levels and alertness. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, this will not only help you stay awake but it'll increase your productivity, keep you healthy and hey, if it means you have to get up from your desk a couple more times during the day, that helps you with the above tip too!

Balance your life

Don’t make work your life. It’s easy to do sometimes after all, we spend quite a lot of time here but it’s important to balance the two. Make sure you enjoy your days off, book little staycations, don’t check your emails, and maybe even turn your phone off.
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A clear, happy mind functions far better at work than a busy brain full of stress and worry.

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