How To Put The 'Art' Into Artisan

8th Jul 2016

With a diversity of Gins on the market, the type and quantity of each producer's botanicals varies according to their own closely guarded recipes, as does the method in which it is distilled. We visited our local artisan Gin distiller, Dancing Cows, to find out how they choose to do things.


At the Dancing Cows Distillery, Gin has to be distilled at approximately 43% in a 'Column Still', otherwise known as a 'Coffey Still'.


The base for Gin usually consists of many ingredients such as Grain, Sugar Beets, Grapes, Potatoes, Sugarcane and plain Sugar. Dancing Cows only use local botanicals for their Gin, and other artisan spirits, creating a taste that is reflective of the New Forest.


The highly concentrated spirit is re-distilled with juniper berries and other botanicals in a 'Pot Still'. The botanicals are suspended in a gin basket placed at the head of the still, which allows the hot alcoholic vapours to extract the flavour. This method harvests a lighter flavouring in Gin, which is why you get that delicious, fresh taste.


Serve with your favourite tonic water and a little Elderflower to compliment the juniper.

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How To Put The Art Into Artisan | Careys Manor
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