Happy Australia Day From Careys Manor!

25th Jan 2016

In the heart of summer, thousands of Australians gather together to celebrate the country’s history, culture, diversity and landscape on a public holiday known as Australia Day.

Towns and cities nationwide organise beach parties, sporting events, parades, concerts and many more in celebration of this important day in the Australian calendar. The origin of Australia Day dates back to 17th century and marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain at Port Jackson, NSW, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip.
Happy Australia Day From Careys Manor!2
In celebration of Australia Day we’d like to celebrate the Australians of Careys Manor and get to know the hotel’s favourite ‘Aussie’s’ a little better.
Meet Lina and Ian!

Whereabouts in Australia are you from?

Lina: Melbourne
Ian: Perth

What is your favourite thing about being Australian?

Lina: Being outspoken
Ian: Australian Rules Football. Love it!!

What’s your favourite Australian food?

Lina: Australian’s do the most delicious and creative breakfasts!
Ian: A good steak but the seafood is amazing too.

What’s your favourite thing about living in the New Forest?

Lina: We have forest and sea and some wonderful villages and towns all within striking distance, oh and of course the ponies!
Ian: Cycling the forestry tracks on my mountain bike. The peace and quiet too.

What was your first impression of the UK when you arrived?

Lina: I thought I was in the midst of a street party – there were so many people compared to Melbourne. It was 1977. I loved it and still do.
Ian: Cold and busy!

What is your favourite British food?

Lina: Steak and kidney pudding but it’s hard to find these days.
Ian: Sticky Toffee Pudding with Custard.

What do you find weird about us Brits?

Lina: The love of ready meals!
Ian: It’s better since SatNavs, but the willingness and seriousness with which people will discuss the best route from A to B, citing motorway, junction and “A” road numbers.

Do you do anything us Brits think Aussies stereotypically do?

Lina: I do love a good barbi and eat avocado with absolutely everything!
Ian: I do barbeque a lot in the summer.

Finally, what is your favourite dish from each of our three restaurants?

Cambium – Cod with Coconut
The Zen Garden – Meang Khum, a starter of many delicious ingredients wrapped in betal leaf.
Le Blaireau – Duck Breast with Plum Sauce
Cambium - Beef Fillet and Braised Cheek, Smoked Mushroom Ketchup, Anna Potato, Cavolo Nero
The Zen Garden - Phad Thai Goong
Le Blaireau - Soupe de Poissons

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Happy Australia Day From Careys Manor!1
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