Relax With a Unique Feast For the Senses

17th Jan 2018

We are very proud indeed to be the first spa in the UK to offer an extraordinary multi-sensory experience designed to induce a state of total mental and physical relaxation.

The AlphaSphere Deluxe, designed by Austrian artist and innovator Sha, takes you on a journey through lights, colours, sounds, scents, warmth and gentle vibrations to induce deep relaxation and regenerate the body and mind.

A form of holistic training for the senses, this unique spa treatment is perfect for people who want to strengthen their physical and psychological balance and enhance their perceptions.

The AlphaSphere Deluxe is a comfortable, moulded bed that is illuminated and heated, and rocks gently when you move. Relax on the warm bed and watch the colour of your chosen programme glow softly above you, whilst hypnotic sounds surround you.

Relax With a Unique Feast For the Senses | Careys Manor Hotel

Lying on the bed with eyes closed, you are immersed in soundscapes that take you into a deep state of relaxation. Deep frequency sound vibration is felt through the bed as the light and sound washes over you.

The AlphaSphere Deluxe has four programmes, and which one you choose depends on your mood.

Basic Blue is a balancing and calming programme, and Sensitive Pink is soft, gentle and inspiring. 

Intense Red is for strong sensory impressions, and Energy Orange is activating and revitalising.

This is a wonderful experience for anyone, but pregnant women particularly benefit, as the AlphaSphere Deluxe:

  • Harmonises breathing and loosens tight muscles
  • Lowers heart rate and high blood pressure
  • Reduces levels of stress hormones
  • Develops inner strength and balance
  • Stimulates imagination and inspiration
  • Provides a feeling of comfort and contentment

According to studies conducted at the University of Vienna, the AlphaSphere has a strong and lasting effect on state of mind and performance. Negative emotions like anger and stress are reduced and positive emotions including relaxation and a sense of wellbeing are intensified.

Our spa director Lina Lotto has a lifelong interest in holistic health and wellbeing, and believes the body, mind and emotions are intrinsically linked.

“The wonderful feeling of comfort and contentment the AlphaSphere Deluxe gives you is perfect for reducing stress levels and restoring psychological balance,” she says.

“It’s an extraordinary experience for deep relaxation and mental empowerment.”

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Relax With a Unique Feast For the Senses | Blog
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