Playing Dad: The Best Bits

15th Jun 2020

Dads are the best. They teach you how to ride a bike (despite telling you they won’t let go!), what not to tell your mother and taught us that when their eyes are closed, he is not sleeping, he is in fact ‘resting his eyes’.

No one has to tell you that when you become a dad, your life changes forever for the best. For the dads at Careys Manor this couldn’t be truer. Here they share the best bits of playing Dad.

We caught up with James Hiley-Jones, Managing Director to talk about being a dad – his most favourite topic of all time. A proud father to four children, James has had his fair share of experience when it comes to fatherhood;

“With George and Emily I enjoy their company as adults and it’s a real pleasure watching them start their careers.  George (24) works at Browns Hotel in London as a House manager and Emily (22), the creative one, is undertaking a degree at the Winchester school of art.  Lucy (10) is pony mad and is becoming quite an accomplished rider.  Annabelle (8), probably treated too much as the baby of the family, tests my knowledge constantly with questions that normally start with How, why or what!  Luckily she hasn’t noticed I haven’t a clue on half the things I’m asked! After a demanding day at work my children are the perfect distraction.”

Sean Hincks, Operations Manager at SenSpa talks fondly of seeing the smiles on his kids faces when they learn something new;

“Imparting knowledge is one of the most amazing things – when you first become a dad you realise that you are responsible for teaching this brand new baby what life is all about. They put unconditional trust into you to watch over and protect them. Playing games and building models together is a definite bonus as they grow older. And more recently, I've thoroughly enjoyed spending more time with the children and home-schooling them, however challenging it has been at times., but nothing beats a cuddle at the end of the day.”

Hugs definitely make the top of the list for the many Dads at Careys Manor. Ian Fry, Finance Director, comments on how the amount of hugs he receives has decreased as his children get older but still being called ‘Dad’ warms his heart each time;

“Watching my boys grow up has been an absolute pleasure. I once enjoyed reading bedtime stories and hearing the laughter as I spoke in funny voices. Now, I get enjoyment from watching my youngest play football at the weekends and attending parent evenings to hear how much they have achieved in the year. The best part of playing Dad is the quality time spent with the family and going on outings to have some much needed bonding time.”


Dads are truly an amazing breed and we are forever grateful for everything they have taught us. Show your Dad how much he means to you on 21st June and every day after that.

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