Corporate Gifting Guide 2020

3rd Dec 2020

Engaged employees who feel valued can go a long way and especially after the year we have endured so far, employees will be feeling frazzled and mentally exhausted following the continual changes in the way they have worked, either from home, or a socially distanced office space.

While great benefits, competitive salaries, and flexible job perks may entice employees to come aboard and stay for the long haul, it’s the unexpected gestures that make the message ring true. The low morale of companies during these unprecedented times reflects on increasing demand for corporate gifting service and we are here to help with what to get.

It can be hard to think of the correct gift which expresses gratitude but also exudes a sense of ‘wow’. So, where do you start?

Recognise loyalty and commitment

This year, more so than ever, employees need to recognised for their loyalty and commitment to the company through coronavirus. Some may have taken on extra responsibilities, undertaken jobs out of their remit and gone above and beyond to ensure the business continues to strive through these exceptional circumstances of 2020. A gift will not only boost morale but will make employees feel appreciated for their efforts over the past year.

Make it personal

Picking corporate gifts for employees may seem like a quick, easy process– and it can be. But if you want to make extra special for the individual then some extra thought may have to go into it. A personalised gift speaks volumes about the gift-giver and creates a lasting impact on the mind of the receiver. Take a moment to think about the individual and what they like to do outside of work or what they have received as previous gifts in the past. If you don’t know, then ask their close colleague for suggestions.

Plan ahead and think about flexibility

When you are deciding on which corporate gifts to give, choose those that will can be enjoyed in the future, dictated by the receiver. As large corporate parties and celebrations are off the table this year, a gift of an experience can fill that void such as a spa day or afternoon tea that can be enjoyed with their loved ones in the form of a gift voucher. This way, the gifts will deliver a positive feeling, even when the holidays are over and offer flexibility for the recipient as some employees may be self-isolating for medical or personal reasons. Plus, they can be sent digitally to avoid any contact and are valid for a year.

Give the gift of time

At Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa, we have a number of experiences that can be enjoyed all year round. Whether it's a spa day for two gift voucher to a New Forest break, our Careys Manor Hotel gift vouchers are sure to make them smile.



Corporate Gifting Guide Careys Manor
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