11 Tips to go green this January

25th Jan 2019

Whether you believe in setting new year resolutions or not, a great intention for the year ahead is to be greener. You may already be recycling, but could you be doing more? Or do you waste more food than you’d like to admit?  

At our eco-friendly luxury hotel, we hold the Green Tourism Gold Award which celebrates ‘the highest standards of sustainability with a strong, broad ethos and excellent practices’. We recognise that everything we do has an impact on our environment which is why we’re always considering more ways to be greener, including managing and monitoring our use of energy and water, reducing and recycling waste and encouraging suppliers who adopt green policies.

We’ve come up with 11 tips that will help you to be greener at home, we’re not talking life-changing commitments but small changes to your everyday practices that together can ensure you put those good new year intentions into wonderful motion.

1. Recycle… More!

It’s excellent if you’re already recycling but could you be doing more? What do you do with your old batteries, aerosols and what about those old CDs? Or the keys to the shed you don’t own anymore? Find out how and where to dispose of it all responsibly here


2. Love coffee? It’s time you had a reusable cup!

If like many you regularly pop into the local café for a cappuccino on your way to work or whilst on an errand run, why not invest in a reusable cup and say goodbye to disposables? Did you know that you can grab a free takeaway coffee at Waitrose with your Waitrose card BUT only if you bring your own cup - what could be better after your shopping than earning a free coffee break? 


3. Put the car keys down…

Because if you can walk somewhere instead of driving, do it! Make sure you give yourself enough time to get there without needing to sprint the last 100 metres. It’s a great way to get in more steps (for our step-hungry friends). Plus, you save petrol whilst boosting your cardiovascular health - win-win! Did you know that at our eco-friendly luxury hotel we offer a special 10% off discount when you travel to us using public transport! 

4. Think about your food waste

Did you know that approximately 7.3 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK each year? So, can you change the way you cook, eat or shop? Firstly, always write a shopping list so you don’t over-stock the fridge with unneeded perishables. Secondly, try to adapt recipes to make smaller meals to cut down on waste, double the recipes so there’s enough food left for another meal or start your own compost collection so you can feed your plants. Find out exactly what to put in your compost collection here.

5. Wave goodbye to the standby button

We all know to turn off lights to save energy but what about those electricals that are all too commonly popped onto standby for a speedier reboot? According to the ‘Powering the nation’ study conducted by Energy Saving Trust, around 9-16% of the electricity used in homes is powering appliances in standby mode. So, it’s time to kick this shortcut habit and turn off the television, laptop and everything else with a standby option. Yes, you’ll have to wait a few seconds longer, but you’ll save electricity and money in the long-run.

6. Remember those bags!

We’ve all been there… At the till without the bags, again! It’s time to find a system that works for you, try to plan when you’re going to shop and do everything in your power to remember them. Add it to your calendar, set reminders on your phone, add ‘BAGS’ to the shopping list and plant them in lots of different places just in case: in the car, beside the door, in the umbrella pot, on the coat rack and folded up in your handbag. Plus, when your ‘bag for life’ handles do give up, remember to swap it at the supermarket and ensure the old one is recycled. A much greener way than buying new bags with every shop!


7. Save some H20

It’s an easy one to neglect, especially in winter when a long hot shower may be vital to getting you out of bed on frosty January days but try to shorten those showers a little, turn off the tap whilst you brush your teeth, whilst you’re doing the washing up and even consider planting drought-tolerant plants in your garden so when spring comes, you can even save on watering.

8. Change the way you drink water

Always have bottled water in the fridge? If you you’re not keen on the flavour of tap water try jazzing up a jug of cold water with lemon, lime, cucumber or even mint. If that doesn’t disguise the flavour for you, try a water purifier or filter for your home or office. You can also get yourself a snazzy reusable bottle for your bag. Steel is a popular option; it’s easier to clean, doesn’t hold on to odours and doesn’t deteriorate like plastic does. Check out these here. 


9. Download or borrow books

For some, buying a brand-new book is the ultimate treat, but with fantastic new apps like Amazon’s Kindle, you can catch up with the latest bestsellers on your smartphone or tablet. So instead of going out and buying a brand-new book for your next holiday why not try downloading your next read? Alternatively, if you need the real thing, dig out that long-lost library card or ask a friend to borrow a book, that way you can help save printing costs and a borrowed book will receive another life - that’s far better than just sitting on a shelf. 


10. Make your cleaning eco and DIY

Don’t waste the cleaning products you already have but once they’re used up, opt for eco-friendly, chemical-free approach to cleaning or even better, create your own. You can use everyday ingredients like white vinegar, lemon, bicarbonate of soda and essential oils to clean many household products like washing up liquid, window cleaner and toilet cleaner. Try DIY be kinder to the environment and save money! 


11. Buy local

Yes, you can buy anything and everything online but try to switch to local when and if you can. Whether it’s the local veg shop, café, clothing store or farmer’s market, the closer you buy to home the less it (and you) has travelled, which means a smaller carbon footprint and you’re supporting local businesses and the local economy. Plus, if you do your food shopping at a local shop or market you can pick up your fruit and vegetables without any of that excessive plastic and packaging. Our eco-friendly luxury hotel we have three restaurants to choose from, which means a lot of produce is required. Not only is it important to us to know where our ingredients have come from by sourcing local suppliers, but we ensure we choose sustainable suppliers and seasonal ingredients too, so our food is always fresh and delicious.

So, with all of that in mind we hope that you now feel a little more prepared to make some small changes to your everyday routine for a big impact on your green 2019.  

We also hope to see you at our eco-friendly luxury hotel very soon. Perhaps you’ll leave the car at home, get a cheeky 10% off and enjoy the opportunity to go explore the beautiful New Forest National Park that you have helped to keep a little safer and greener.

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