About Us

Conscious Bedrooms at Careys Manor

Here at Careys Manor hotel, sustainability has always been at the heart of everything we do. When the current owners bought the hotel in 1975, an environmentally conscious approach to hospitality and an active concern for animal welfare underpinned our approach, and that is still the case today. From helping fund campaigns to protect the forest and planting wildlife friendly gardens to supporting local suppliers and refusing to serve foie gras, we’re constantly looking at ways to adopt planet-friendly practices.

With the rise of veganism, Sir David Attenborough championing the war on plastic and Greta Thunberg campaigning for stronger action against climate change, going green has finally gone mainstream.

Here are some of the ways we are striving for more environmentally conscious bedrooms which might help inspire your own quest for greener habits.

Millbrook Beds

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep and all our bedrooms feature locally sourced beds from Millbrook Beds in Hampshire who are renowned for exceptional quality as well as sustainable practices. Each one has been handcrafted by experts who understand the importance of quality workmanship using natural materials including Hampshire wool, timber from FSC®-certified forests and sustainably sourced cotton and being based in Hampshire means less carbon footprint too when it comes to delivery.

Recycled Soap Bars

Have you ever wondered what happens to the soap bars you use at our hotel? It seems such a waste to simply send it to landfill doesn’t it? That’s exactly what we thought too!  We partnered with CleanConscience to support us with re-purposing and redistributing used soap bars for the benefit of those most in need of hygiene. The soap bars are sorted, cleaned, chipped and re-processed into soap powder and soap noodles, which are sent to the Kori Women’s Development Project in Sierra Leone, where they enable local women to support themselves and their families.

Giving Back to the Forest

Our home in the New Forest is also home to ancient trees and an abundance of wildlife from grazing ponies to rare bird species. That’s why every time you stay at Careys Manor, £1 is donated to New Forest Trust’s ‘Love the Forest’ scheme who raise funds for conservation and education projects to preserve our natural surroundings for many generations to come.

Conscious about Plastic

We like to keep you hydrated whilst you’re in our bedrooms especially after a long day lounging in the warmth of our spa or after a vigorous walk across the ancient heathland of the New Forest. The BELU water bottles provided in your room are made from 50% recycled content and were the first water brand to introduce this to the UK bottled water market. Good job BELU!