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Plan Your September Escape To The New Forest

September is a beautiful time to visit our New Forest national park, still holding the warmth of the summer, it’s a little quieter and there are hints of change as the leaves start to transform.

Summer’s fun and jam-packed but isn’t it busy! We know you don’t always like thinking of the summer ending, but with the kids back at school, what if you were to have something in the ‘back pocket’ just for you, something blissful to look forward to, like a spa day or early autumn break to revive and rejuvenate the mind and body, so you can feel ready for the changing season and coming months.

This is the time to set out, picnic packed at the ready, for long ambles or cycle rides through the trees.

The New Forest in the autumn is arguably one of the most magnificent times to visit, the golden glow, despite its pairing with shorter days, rings with positivity as we welcome the ancient woodland’s beautiful transition. The perfect time to visit, for an autumn break, because it isn’t just the forest that changes with the season…  As cyclic beings, we need time to transition also, which is why during these times of change we ought to be a little kinder to ourselves, gentler with the pressure we put upon our shoulders, and allow ourselves nourishment as the clocks change and our circadian rhythms adjust to the light. There’s no switch, we need to move with nature.

Never underestimate the importance of time for you, nourishment, and relaxation. A weekend break or perhaps a solo wellness retreat can help you to attune to the new season; rest, reset and rejuvenate.

There is more than just indulgence to discover at SenSpa. A summer of busyness, picking up and dropping off of children to friends, activities, parties, and picnics, whilst juggling work, home, and life admin, builds up tension over time. SenSpa is a sanctuary where water therapy and Thai rituals come together to ease stress and melt away tension, through deep relaxation and wellbeing practices inspired by Eastern and Western traditions.

Experience the soothing effects of hydrotherapy, your most relaxing facial, or the power of massage, from the Ayurvedic Head treatment that uses warm coconut oil and ancient techniques to relieve pressure, clear the mind and promote restful sleep, to the Anti-Stress Massage that works on the back, neck, and shoulders to soothe muscular tightness.

But perhaps a weekend break to simply be in nature and peacefulness is what you need to reset. We’re talking forest therapy or forest bathing; walking tranquil trails, listening to the birdsong and  readjusting your pace to nature, not the summer timetable or dreaded to do list. Seek sunrises or sunsets, there’s no shortage of top spots just minutes away from the hotel so you can start or end the day your way during your weekend break.

Sometimes getting away isn’t about doing as little as possible, it’s about doing things for you. At the end of the summer, you may be feeling mentally drained but still have plenty of physical energy. If that sounds familiar, consider a cycling break or hire bikes so you can roam with the ponies. With  over one hundred miles of way-marked cycle routes to enjoy, cycle or walk until your legs can’t walk anymore, head back to the hotel, throw off your boots and relax into that satisfying exhaustion that can only be brought about by a day spent in nature.

When we’re tired and feeling pulled in all directions, we require nourishment, and this can be found any way you need it at our Hampshire hotel; from indulgent afternoon teas in our lounge to small plates and sunny seats at The Neigh Bar on the lawn. Espressos and fine French cooking at Le Blaireau, authentic Thai cuisine at the Zen Garden and great British dishes at Cambium. When you book a Summer Nights Dining Break you have the choice of dinner at any one of these restaurants, you’ll be welcomed with a complimentary bottle of prosecco and the continental breakfast will energise you after your best night’s sleep.

Here in the New Forest, you’ll find the space you need to catch your breath after a long busy summer, and a beautiful autumn break at a home away from home, for nothing but relaxation and renewal. After all, we all need to slow down a little, but sometimes we just need a reminder of how.


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