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Top 5 Places to See Sunrises & Sunsets in The New Forest

If you’re an early riser or you live for a sunrise walk or run before breakfast there are ample opportunities to get up and out from our New Forest hotel. To witness the start of the day can be energising and invigorating, readying you for whatever lies ahead, no matter whether you have planned a relaxing spa weekend or action-packed break.

However, we also understand that for some, being away means a gentle wake up and no alarm clock, so why not venture out to find a beautiful New Forest sunset after a relaxing day in the spa instead? During the summer months, the longer days allow you to get out a little later to enjoy the remaining warmth of the day and wander along sun-dappled paths so you can maximise your time in our National Park and ensure you’ve had essential spa time.

A sunrise or sunset walk or drive pairs perfectly with a relaxing spa break, allowing you to avoid any crowds, get out in the New Forest for fresh air and unforgettable views and make the most of your time unwinding in the spa.

We’ve got a few recommendations of top spots just minutes away from the hotel so you can go and take in a wonderful sunrise or sunset during your weekend break.

Picket Post Car Park

Just a 20-minute drive from our New Forest hotel will take you to the Picket Post Car Park near the village of Burley. A great spot for sunrise as the nearby road will be quieter at that time of day, it boasts amazing views to the south west so you can simply park up, sip a coffee, and enjoy the vista or perhaps you’d like to start the day with a walk amongst the heather.


Bolton’s Bench

A short 10-minute drive from our spa hotel will take you through the village of Lyndhurst and to the car park below Bolton’s Bench, which commemorates the Duke of Bolton, the 18th century New Forest Master Keeper. A climb up the short but steep little hill with take you to a large yew tree surrounded by benches with 360-degree views, making it ideal for sunset or sunrise.

Hatchet Pond

Hatchet Pond is a favourite spot in the New Forest for picnics, walks, sunrises, and sunsets. An 11-minute drive from the hotel, it’s the largest body of fresh water in our National Park and is well worth a visit, especially for sunset reflections and strolls at dusk. Plan a walk here at ‘golden hour,’ that special hour before sundown that sets the forest aglow, then stay until the sun disappears over the horizon. A picture-perfect way to end a day, then perhaps it’s time to head back to the hotel to continue your Hampshire spa break with a little wining and dining.


Lepe Beach at Lepe Country Park

The wonderful thing about our location in the New Forest is that you’re just 26 minutes from the wild and beautiful Lepe Beach. Romantic and peaceful, Lepe Country Park is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a perfect addition to a relaxing spa weekend. Walk along a beach as the sun goes down, enjoy the meditative sound of the water lapping the shoreline and take in the views of the Solent and the park’s pine-fringed cliffs and native flowers blowing in the breeze.

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