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A Gateway to Relaxation: The Allure of Sleep Tourism

If there’s ever a trend train to hop onto it might just be ‘sleep tourism.’

The need for R&R has reached new heights and it’s no surprise; we live in a busy world where we’re contactable 24 hours a day, expected to respond immediately to any comment or request; where oh-so-conveniently we can access every email account in an instant even if we’re ‘off’, and somehow our brains have been programmed to look forward to the resulting dopamine hit from every buzz and beep of our phone.

But what does this all mean for our wellbeing? A perfect storm of stress, stimulation and distraction taking over more of our day and so the important things in life, like sleep, suffer.

We need enough sleep to function effectively, whilst good sleep has a positive impact in all areas of life, both mental and physical, and it helps us to manage stress. Elizabeth Blake Zakarin, an assistant professor of psychology (in Psychiatry) at Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders, says people are just like electronics, and need to be charged…

“sleep may recharge or reset the brain to optimise functioning”

There is now robust evidence supporting that sleep is critical to not only our physical health but also our mental health. Poor or insufficient sleep has been found to increase negative emotional responses to stressors and to decrease positive emotions.

People are no longer simply looking for a weekend break or hotel stay, they’re looking for a getaway that enhances wellbeing, that provides a very real escape from distractions, and time to refocus on self-care and break the cycle of ‘sleep-defeating habits’ that have been created by stress.


Why is our New Forest hotel a top choice for sleep tourism…


A home away from home

It may sound clichéd, but our New Forest hotel really does feel like a home away from home. With all the comforts you’d expect balanced with the beautiful simplicity and comforts that only a hotel can offer.

Each room is uniquely decorated; a cosy, yet calm stress-free space with none of the clutter, inviting you to wake up to birdsong and the sounds of the New Forest.

Afresh with contemporary details, perfect your bedtime routine; every room has an ensuite with bath/shower, access to 24-hour room service, complimentary WiFi so you can listen to your favourite sleep-enhancing music or podcast, tea and coffee making facilities for that soothing camomile tea before bed, and comforting bathrobes so you can truly unwind and relax as though you were at home.

And the bed. Well, it’s either an award-winning handmade Millbrook or a handcrafted, royally approved Hypnos, so you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands. (It has been said they’re like sleeping on a cloud…)


Nature & movement

Simply being in nature and exposed to more natural light can benefit sleep. Daily exposure to natural daylight can help to regulate the circadian rhythm, the sleep/wake cycle, whilst also benefiting mental restoration, boosting the immune system and improving mood. Whilst a dose of ‘forest bathing’ has proven to lower levels of Cortisol, the stress hormone.

So, if you plan a weekend break to our country hotel, head out for a walk or cycle ride through the forest and time spent among the trees for ultimate forest therapy. You can always head to the Careys Manor & SenSpa leisure club after to ease tired legs in the sauna or poolside Jacuzzi.

Nourishing food

“Growing evidence indicates that sufficient nutrient consumption is important for sleep.” []

Carefully selected ingredients and thoughtfully prepared dishes; nourishing food is beneficial for good sleep and our love of good food means you’ll be spoilt for choice with three restaurants to choose from during your stay at our New Forest hotel. Modern British dishes at Cambium, an authentic taste of Thailand at the Zen Garden, or classic French cooking at Le Blaireau.


Relaxation therapies

Sleep tourism focuses on the specific therapies that are available to enhance the wellbeing of guests.

At our award-winning spa, SenSpa, deep relaxation is at the centre of our exclusive therapies, in the honed techniques of our skilled therapists, and in the treatments inspired by holistic traditions to reset the mind and body.

Spa treatments such as the Essential Relaxation and Anti-Stress massages have been designed to restore relaxation and naturally promote better sleep through the release of tension from the body.

The Ayurvedic Head Massage uses warm organic coconut oil and ancient and traditional Ayuverdic massage techniques to soothe, calm and relieves stress to clear the mind. Following the Ayurveda method to help release the flow of prana (life force) and restore the energy balance throughout the entire body.


If stress has become to take charge of your life and good sleep has taken a back seat, perhaps it’s time to refocus and reset. We have sleep tourism all wrapped up in a New Forest escape at our country hotel. A gateway to relaxation where you will find a home away from home (and your very own cloud to lay your head), nature right on the doorstep, therapies to enhance and promote sleep, and food to nourish the soul.

Our Hide & Sleep package is the perfect seasonal New Forest escape to put comfort and connection at the forefront of your break away from the business of everyday life.