Top 5 Spring Treatments

Spring has arrived across the UK. As the season of new beginnings, transformations and transition, spring gives us a glimpse of what’s ahead in the summer. For us at our spa in Hampshire, that means revitalisation for the body and a refresh for the mind.

Here are our top 5 SenSpa spa treatments for spring rejuvenation:

1. Sen Vitalising Massage

One of our signature spa massage treatments, the Sen Vitalising Massage is specifically designed to do exactly that; vitalise. Thorough and deep massage will alleviate you of your body’s aches and pains. Our professional and highly trained therapists use long strokes to ease out stresses, kick-starting your circulation so that each and every part of your body feels brought back to life – an essential for total spring rejuvenation.

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2. Willow Hydrate & Glow Facial

The winter’s chills undoubtedly had an effect on your skin and face, and now’s the time to counteract it. The Willow Hydrate & Glow Facial treatment quenches the thirst of your skin, re-arming it with antioxidants. We’ll use the number 1 anti-aging ingredient Barbary fig, and in doing so, your skin will regain its sunny radiance and complexion, perfect for entering the spring season.

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3. ESPA Uplifting Body Scrub 

Available for half an hour or a whole hour, the ESPA Uplifting Body Scrub removes any dead or flaky skin that has dried out over the previous cold months. Using Espa’s  exfoliating body polish which uses apricot seed kernels, spearmint and aloe vera, our masseuses will soothe your body’s skin leaving it with a vibrant glow.

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4. Ayurvedic Head Massage

Clear your mind in preparation to take on the rest of the year. The 45 minute Ayurvedic head massage encourages total mental relaxation which subsequently contributes to restful sleeping and stress release. The Ayurvedic massage treatment will get you looking forward, ready to jump back into the action.

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5. Shakti, Total Body Boost

The Shakti, Total Body Boost gives both mind and body that spring reawakening they both crave. This luxury spa treatment starts with skin exfoliation, before you are enveloped in your choice of body wrap. The treatment ends with a 60 minute relaxing massage using Swedish techniques leaving  you feeling glowing ready for spring.

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If these spa treatments have got you desperate for a slice of luxury, or if you are seeking a total revitalisation over spring, explore our latest spa day or spa break offers at SenSpa.

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