How Is Your Relationship With Sleep?

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health, so we caught up with Millbrook Beds to find out how to get the best night's sleep you've had in ages...

Look up the definition of sleep, and you’ll most likely come across a description of sleep as a ‘naturally occurring condition or state’. But isn’t it funny how, for some people, sleep can feel anything but natural these days…but is sleep something we can get away with faking?

Our bodies have a natural instinct for respite and a primitive need to restore ourselves following the daily exertion of our bodies and minds. But in our modern lives this need is often masked by stimulants, or our body’s natural rhythm is denied by working patterns, or positive sleep habits are eroded by the demands of parenting young children and – before we know it – sleep doesn’t seem to come so naturally anymore.

To make matters worse, our next step is often to turn to off-the-shelf artificial sleep remedies. From sleep apps or videos that trick our brains into falling asleep to alcohol or sleeping pills as a chemical override. If we’re not careful, all sleep remedies do is smokescreen the true cause of our poor sleep and invite the question: at what point does unnatural sleep followed by artificial remedies mean that our sleep can no longer be defined as a ‘naturally occurring state’?

If your relationship with your sleep is feeling anything but natural these days, it’s time to stop faking it. In the majority of cases sleep problems relate to our lifestyle or a poor sleeping environment. The former can take time and commitment to change, the latter is a much easier fix but, in either case, ignoring sleep problems can come at a cost to your short term wellbeing and your long term health.

Sleep and wellbeing are symbiotic: maintaining a natural balance in your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing becomes very difficult very quickly if we’re sleep deprived. More worrying still is that the health implications of long-term sleep deprivation are becoming ever-clearer through an ever-increasing volume of research that relate poor sleep to higher risk of serious medical conditions including obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Because there’s no faking it when it comes to sleep, the luxurious mattresses and beds at Millbrook Beds are designed to encourage natural sleep. This is why Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa have chosen them for our bedrooms at our New Forest hotel.

Traditionally handmade on the edge of the New Forest using craftsmanship techniques, the luxury pocket sprung mattresses are made using some of the finest natural fillings to create a naturally sumptuous sleeping surface that is breathable and free of chemicals to guarantee you the best night’s sleep during your weekend break in the New Forest.


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