Top 5 Warming Spa Treatments

From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, it’s that time of year when we start to crave warmth and comfort. With the cold weather firmly staking its place, our favourite spa experiences at this time of the year are warming treatments to leave you feeling cosy and warm inside.

Slip into your soft gown and enter a Thai Sanctuary where our spa treatments will warm you to the core.

Here’s our top 4 warming SenSpa treatments

1. Lava Shell Massage

This is a relaxing and pampering full body massage using self-heating Natural Tiger clam lava shells and aromatherapy oils to warm the body. A celebrity favourite, The warmth from the lava shell is absorbed by the muscle, encouraging it to relax and release tension.

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2. Thai Herbal Poultice Full Body Massage

This is an excellent treatment for those suffering from poor circulation and stiffness, this full body massage uses a traditional Thai poultice to relieve tired and aching muscles and improves skin texture. By gently rolling and kneading a steamed muslin ball filled with a variety of Thai herbs, your muscles are gradually warmed until they are ready to receive the oil massage.

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3. Eminence Express Manuka Facial

Perfect for those running short on time, this spa facial is almost good enough to eat! Using a deliciously nourishing and soothing combination of Manuka honey, acai berry, raspberry, carrot and neroli oil your skin will be gently exfoliated with a healing rose quartz crystal. Warm Manuka honey is applied to your face which hydrates, yet gently exfoliates the skin. A warm rose quartz crystal, promoting beauty and rejuvenation, is massaged over the honey, leaving your skin smooth, soft and glowing.

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4. Rhassoul Mud Treatment

Rhassoul mud from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains has been used by men and women since the 7th century to exfoliate, nourish and draw out toxins from the skin.

The Rhassoul mud bath experience at SenSpa is a fun DIY treatment which takes place in a private mosaicked steam chamber. Firstly exfoliate your skin with a combination of Himalayan crystal rock salt and soothing aloe vera gel, before applying the Rhassoul mud to your body, face and scalp and simply relax whilst the gentle steam opens your pores and the mud works its magic.

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5. Prana Calm Mind

This restorative spa treatment begins with a bespoke massage completely tailored to you, focusing on where you most need attention,  This is followed by a relaxing scalp massage using warm organic coconut oil to strengthen the hair, promote restful sleep, relieve stress and clear the mind.

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