Introducing Michael Driscoll | Head Sommelier at Cambium

8th Jul 2016

We are very pleased to introduce Michael Driscoll our Head Sommelier at Cambium.

Born in London, Michael never thought he would take the path towards hospitality, particularly in wine.  Growing up, with desires to become a soldier, his dream came true when he joined the Royal Air Force at 18 years old.
This was incredible for Michael, as he travelled the world and experienced lots of different countries and cultures, India being his favourite place that he has seen, Goa in particular. During his travels, he also learnt a lot about hospitality and catering, helping out where he could in the catering squadron. After 7 years in the Royal Air Force, thirsty for a new challenge, Michael left and moved to the New Forest in Hampshire.
He loves the countryside, a different way of life from the hustle and bustle of London. He started his first job at Tylney Hall, a 4* hotel as a Commis Sommelier and with no experience at all, his Head Sommelier took Michael under his wing, teaching him all he knew. This is where Michael’s obsession with wine began, as he couldn’t believe how much there is to learn about wine and found it fascinating.
Introducing Michael Driscoll | Head Sommelier at Cambium2

"You can never know everything about wine, there is too much behind it. I am a very competitive and ambitious person. I love educating myself, which is why this was the perfect challenge for me"

In just 3 years and after intense studying he was promoted 3 times, eventually to Head Sommelier.
Now working for Careys Manor, his thirst to learn as much about wine continues. He has already gained is Level 1 and 2 in WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) and hopes to gain a qualification in the Court of Masters, the most advanced exam for a Sommelier. His most impressive achievement was gaining a diploma in the art of Sabrage, opening a bottle of champagne with a cavalry sword!
Michael’s passion for wine continues outside of work, learning about wine in his spare time and attends “The Sampler” a wine tasting venue in London and his favourite wine is a 1979 Chateaux Latour Premier.

"I compare wine to music. There are people who drink wine and enjoy it, just like there are people who listen to music and enjoy it, however there are people who will obsess over music, learn every note, every lyric, which is exactly what I do with wine. You can easily go to a concert just to experience it, you can easily drink a glass of wine to just to experience it but there are people, like myself, who absorb it"

If you would like more information about Cambium or would like to book a table, call 01590 623551 and sample the delights of our menu and meet Michael in person.

Introducing Michael Driscoll | Head Sommelier at Cambium1
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