City breaks vs country breaks

20th Feb 2019

There is something wonderfully exciting about a city break; the buzz, the shopping, all that walking around and all of those landmarks to tick off the list. But, we think a country break can offer you everything you love from the city plus, the enjoyment of being surrounded by nature, the time for total relaxation and that calmness of the mind and body you seem to always be searching for.


A fake break vs a real break

A bustling city is exciting, for a while. But is it a real break? After a day of shopping, sightseeing and the sweet serenade of car engines you don’t always feel calm or refreshed. If you choose a country break in the New Forest, you can go from shopping in Southampton to laying beside a swimming pool with a smoothie and book in hand in just 15 minutes.

Fresh forest air vs city air

It’s easy to get into a cycle of rushing, where you’re constantly busy, with a never-ending to do list and feeling stressed more often than not. If that’s the case you need a country break, where there’s a slower pace of life, where you don’t need to do anything and the only thing rushing past you is fresh forest air. For mental health and physical wellbeing, a country break is what you need to truly feel revived and lifted, rather than over-walked and exhausted.


Wildlife vs wild cars

Unless you plan on visiting the zoo, the only things you’re going to see plenty of in a city are cars. So, leave the traffic and the stress of parking for the working week, and instead choose the country, where the only time you’ll see traffic is when the New Forest ponies, Highland cattle and donkeys decide to hang out in the middle of the road.

The New Forest Wildlife | What Will You See During Your Stay | Careys Manor1

Local vs chain

In a city you have all your favourite shops, cafes and restaurants and you know what you like and you like what you know but wouldn’t it be nice to stroll around unique country boutiques for a change and find some really special gifts? Or stumble upon a cute local café to enjoy a newspaper and a delicious homemade cake, or dine in restaurants that are as passionate about supporting local suppliers and businesses as they are about their delicious food?

City lights vs romantic sunsets

There’s certainly something special about a city skyline at night but have you experienced a romantic sunset in the New Forest? It is the perfect time to take a walk, when a beautiful orange haze descends upon the heathland and floods through the trees and their canopies, casting long golden shadows and you can just feel the last warmth of the sun on your face – it is truly romantic and a sight that has to be seen with your own eyes.

sunsets in autumn

Country house vs high-rise hotels

A break should be an opportunity to rest and reenergise. If you’re in need of a real break swap the high-rise hotel and the distant sounds of traffic with a charming manor house hotel; gentle swaying of trees and morning birdsong will be the only things you hear, and you’ll enjoy your best night’s sleep – an essential for any escape.  

We believe it is important to be able to make any break completely yours which means getting the most from your precious time, whether you love the city lights or essential ‘time out for you’.  Whichever you decide, just know, the charm of a New Forest hotel, fresh country air and the luxurious relaxation you deserve awaits. After all, how often do you get away?

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