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Escaping The Everyday: Grown Up Getaways In The New Forest

Often the festive season revolves around the kids and by the start of January we can’t quite believe it’s all over, with a pesky inkling that we haven’t had much of a break. If by the 5th of January you were daydreaming of a grown-up getaway, we know just what you need… Time away from the screens and the screams; a recharge after an energetically wonderful but an exhausting period.

The January blues are no surprise when we’ve put all our energy into the end of a year, with nothing left in the tank for the new one, not to mention huge expectations to have life planned, resolutions set and 100% motivation levels topped up and ready to go.

Rather than setting unachievable resolutions or expectations for yourself, switch them out for self-care and a digital detox, and essential time for you. A grown-up hotel break in the New Forest that seeks to calm the mind and ready you for the year ahead.

You might like to take 5 minutes to jot down a few things you’d like to do, achieve or try in 2024. You needn’t tell a soul, they’re just for you. Perhaps there’s a café you’ve been wanting to visit, a jumper you’ve been meaning to mend, a pretty town you’d like to drive to… Big or small add them to your list.

Maybe one of those things is to do something just for you; a solo New Forest spa day where you can spend an entire day dozing in the Relaxation Room, or book that hydrating facial you’ve been thinking of. Or perhaps it’s a solo winter hotel break, where you can sleep soundly, wake up to birdsong and enjoy a quiet coffee in bed and a slow wake-up to the day.

A day where you can do anything you choose. Breakfast however you wish; eat that pastry, enjoy that second coffee. Wander around local villages, walk along a beach or take to beautiful heather-lined forest trails. Retreat to the pool and thermal rooms for warmth and deep relaxation and a nourishing dinner. That is the beauty of a solo self-care experience, it can be anything and everything you wish it to be.

As we get back into our work-life routines, cold winter nights encourage evenings of screen-based activity, with January welcoming new seasons of TV shows we love and new movies to look forward to, whilst the never-ending scroll of social media keeps us entertained in between, but what about planning essential and healthy digital detoxes; time to play games, be creative together or enjoy a date night.

Couples, turn your phones to ‘flight mode’ and make the time to reconnect and unwind – together. A spa break in the winter is a wonderful shared experience, an empowering and fortifying weekend to promote deep relaxation, rejuvenation and healthy time away from the distractions of everyday life. Put work, impending DIY projects and 2024’s to-do list down for just a weekend and instead focus on your partner. Book a Time for Two Massage or a Rhassoul Mud Treatment. Ease stress and muscle tension in the hydrotherapy pool, alternate between hot and cold to invigorate the mind and body and enliven your souls with dinner together and a glass (or two) of wine in one of our three hotel restaurants.

It’s OK to seek a grown-up escape, some peace and quiet, off-screen, for just a moment. A new year break is an achievable goal yet at times may seem impossible amidst the busyness of life but your children will benefit from a more relaxed, stress-free you. Your partner will benefit from your empowered and invigorated energy. And you will benefit from listening to the part of you that said you needed a break.

Whether you dream of sipping coffee and reading in peace and a long uninterrupted soak in a bath, chilly winter walks in an ancient woodland or an afternoon in the spa, a New Year break could be the only kind of resolution you need, where self-care and mindfulness will set the tone for your 2024.