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5 reasons to visit the New forest in Autumn

Autumn should never be forgotten in your holiday plans because in the New Forest, it is one of the most spectacular seasons and certainly worth putting time aside for. There is something magically uplifting and enchanting about an Autumn New Forest break and everyone ought to visit to see the magic with their own eyes.

There are many reasons to visit the New Forest all year round, but Autumn certainly does behold a certain magic that needs to be seen by the eye. A New Forest break in Autumn can be the post-summer relaxation and pre-winter boost that you need to warm up the soul and inspire the senses for the coming colder months.

The beauty of the New Forest National Park is that with every changing season there’s a new view and a different way to see and enjoy its miles of health land and forest. No matter whether you walk the same route or pass the same tree as before, it always looks new.

If carpets of orange and red, long afternoon shadows and warm sunshine with spectacular sunsets isn’t enough to lure you, then why not come for the crisp mornings with cerulean skies and odd wispy clouds which invite you to do nothing but walk and take in the fresh forest air. But this is just the beginning…

When you arrive for an Autumn New Forest Break you are spoiled: with ever-changing views, miles of forest tracks, charming towns and villages and places to retreat and indulge. You can also enjoy all that nature has to offer. A multitude of animals roam the forest, so you will see many of our favourite New Forest ponies but will also find much enjoyment in seeing the Pannage pigs and piglets foraging and freely wandering around too, in amongst the Shetland ponies and cattle.

So here are five reasons why you should visit the New Forest in Autumn:

Spot the Pannage pigs

Autumn is the Pannage season which sees the traditional practice of releasing up to 600 hundred livestock-pigs and piglets into the National Park to forage for a feast of fallen acorns, beechmast, chestnuts and more. A delicacy for our curly-tailed friends, by eating these acorns and nuts they help to protect our beloved New Forest ponies and cattle from poisonous nuts and acorns, and it’s a wonderfully traditional practice which stems back to the time of William the Conqueror, who founded The New Forest in 1079.

Cycle through the Autumn colours

What could be better than building up a little warmth in the body as you spend an afternoon cycling down golden pathways with the refreshing breeze whipping the multi-coloured leaves around you as you adventure? Enjoy the crunch of the leaves under the tires, stop and take as many photos as you like, and the weather is still mild enough to take a picnic. (Just ask, we’ll be happy to lend you some comfy wellies and a cosy blanket or even pack up a picnic for you.)

Walk the woods as the sun sets

The long-afternoon shadows and hazy golden light streaming through the trees is a breath-taking sight. And although a picture tells a thousand words, when you walk in the forest as the sun sets, feel that lovely weary tiredness you get after a good stomp amongst nature and hear the crisp leaves underfoot, you may just be left speechless. So, on your next New Forest break, make sure your walk keeps you out until sunset for some truly special views. Then, when it’s time to get cosy, retreat to Careys Manor to relax and refresh before your delicious dinner in one of our three award-winning restaurants, content in knowing you enjoyed a day out in nature and how well you’re going to sleep that night.

Take some time to relax and indulge

As well as long forest walks and cycle-rides under the falling Autumn leaves, a New Forest Break also welcomes relaxation, rejuvenation and a little indulgence too. It’s the season for wrapping up warm so you can sip a coffee whilst you wander through one of our National Park’s quaint villages, passing the wonderfully stubborn New Forest Ponies who love nothing more than gathering in the middle of the road or in shop doorways. (Which always makes for a great photo!)

Invest in your wellbeing and discover the warmth and grace of Thailand

A New Forest break in the Autumn is not a break at all unless you take some well-deserved time out for yourself. At Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa, we believe in rejuvenation of the mind and body so when you have been exploring outside in our wonderful garden that is the National Park, ensure that you retreat to our award-winning Thai spa, SenSpa to refresh the senses and leave all stresses at the door. Discover relaxation and ultimate pampering to suit any taste; whether you’d prefer to relax with a newspaper or novel beside the swimming pool, spend time in our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facilities or book a sumptuous treatment or authentic Thai therapy, be sure to seek and find a break away like no other.


Autumn invites you to escape, retreat and restore mind, body and spirit, so why not come and experience it all for yourself in the heart of the New Forest National Park where a cosy room and your best night’s sleep is awaiting you at Careys Manor Hotel.

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