Benefits Of A Last Minute Wedding

Nowadays, it is the norm to spend 1-2 years planning an extravagant wedding. But there are many benefits to cutting the waiting time and going for a last-minute wedding. Yes, there may be slightly more to sort all at once, but you and your significant other could have the big day of your dreams in a matter of weeks! Look away from those Pinterest boards for five minutes, to see why planning a last-minute wedding could be the perfect option for you.

1.Why Wait?

Some couples simply ask the question, why wait? If it is going to happen eventually, why not sooner rather than later? If you want to plan every detail down to the T, then perhaps a longer time to plan would suit you more. But if you just can’t wait to marry your other half, a bit of spontaneity never hurt and could be your perfect option!

2. Saving the Pennies

One of the biggest reasons for having a last-minute wedding is cost. Booking last minute can provide you with amazing savings, meaning you can have something incredible within your budget.

If you have your heart set on a dream venue, they can often be booked years in advance. However, many venues will have late cancellations so keep an eye out for those last-minute dates or perhaps ask to join their waiting/mailing list. These last-minute options often need to be sold fast by the venue, meaning the price will often be much cheaper!

The same goes with suppliers as it does venues. Try and find a venue with a list of trusted and recommended suppliers. If they often work together, it means that your suppliers will know how the venue works, making it easier for them to sort the finer details in a short time period.

3. Out of Season

Many wedding venues and suppliers have dates which are harder to book up such as out of season and midweek. These dates are often sold at a much lower price and are often offered as a package, meaning you don’t have to worry about the catering or DJ!

Certain professions may also dictate timing for your wedding. If you are a teacher or civil servant, you may be restricted as to your holidays and time off, so planning last minute could work out well for you.

4. Style Choices

If you are someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends, why not go last minute? A last minute wedding means that there is no need to worry about your flower choice, colour scheme or even the style of your dress dating within the 1-2 years planning most brides take. You may even be the bride to begin a whole new trend!

5. The Honeymoon

Many couples are now opting to spend less on the big day itself and more on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, asking for money or vouchers towards this rather than wedding gifts. If you have a particular dream location in mind, you may well find that certain times of the year are better for visiting. Prices of flights and accommodation also fluctuate, especially when booking last minute, which may give you the push to get married sooner.

So, although it can seem a bit of a whirlwind planning a last minute wedding, it will save you from over-thinking and any drama that comes along with the planning process. So, why wait?


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