Team Building Activities to Motivate Staff During The Winter Months

5th Jan 2019

When the colder and darker winter months sweep in, for offices and workplaces this can cause a dip in staff morale. What better way to combat January blues than by doing something out of the ordinary with your team?

Careys Manor partner with LYC Events who have provided their top five team building events for the winter period:

1. Great British Bake Off

You and your team will work with a professional pastry chef to make a variety of traditional and contemporary afternoon tea and bakery items. After a short introduction and demonstration the chef will give the teams a challenge to make a variety of bakery and pastry items, teams then go head to head to make, bake, and ice, a variety of bakery items while the clock is ticking, penalties will be given for under cooked cake or split custards

2. Country Pursuits

Our Country Pursuit events are extremely flexible and can be tailored to suit you and your requirements. Safe in the hands of our professional instructors, guests will be given fun and captivating activities which will make full use of the time available. Activities like Archery, Duck Herding, Falconry, Crossbows, Laser Clays to name a few!


3. Gin Making

The event will begin with a brief history of gin and a tasting session of our three core gins. We will also cover the various methods for producing gins and gin-based liqueurs to set the scene for the practical work to follow.

A short review of gin botanicals with a matrix of mainstream brand recipes to show what is in most gins and what sets one gin apart from the others – Team will be given sample pots of juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica roots, cardamom pods, rowan berries, citrus peels, sweet almonds etc. so that they can smell and nibble the botanicals whilst discussing the gins that they liked on the matrix. Once The guests have decided on their perfered recipe then they will make their own personilzed bottle of gin.

gin making

4. The Tablet Treasure Trail

The Treasure Trail takes participants on a cryptic, interactive journey into the hidden nooks and crannies of your selected location .Each team will be provided with a tablet that is fully enabled with GPS tracking.The treasure hunt will be mapped out with a series of GPS ‘hotspots’ that teams must visit in order to complete various challenges.

5. CSI

Become a Crime Scene Investigation team for the day and learn to collect and process evidence using professional techniques and equipment. Throughout the day teams will use their new found skills in fingerprinting, ballistics testing, forensic dentistry and blood spatter in order to solve a mysterious crime.

CSI event

Bring your staff together for an event at Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa. Work hard, play hard, get inspired to shape a positive future for your business. For some more ideas then please get in touch.

team building LYC events
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