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10th Mar 2019

Choosing your wedding dress can be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding – there are so many styles and trends to consider, not forgetting the time of year, weather and venue. It can be overwhelming to walk into a wedding dress boutique to see a white wall of taffeta and lace bunched together - where do you begin? Luckily, there is help out there. We caught up with Anna, from Anna Bridal, to talk wedding dresses...

Who is Anna Bridal?

I started Anna Bridal in Ringwood nearly 4 years ago having worked in bridal wear for over 16 years. It is something that I truly love, and it has always been my dream to have one of the most highly regarded bridal boutiques in the country. 

I love making my brides dreams come true. We see so many gorgeous brides who don’t know where to start with their dress hunt, which is why we always do a bespoke Bridal Consultation for each and every bride. We love to style the bride based on her personality, body shape and personal style. 

Since opening Anna Bridal, I have been working on building the message of ‘Body Confidence’. It is so important that our brides know that we are here to help them and make them feel the very best that they have ever felt. We love empowering our brides and making them feel truly fabulous on their wedding day! 


What are your top 5 tips for choosing a wedding dress?

1. Choose early, start to look at least 9-12 months before the wedding. 

2. Set a budget!

3. Bring a small (but mighty) ‘Bride Tribe’ for support and love. Your wedding dress experience is intimate and private and it is so beautiful to share your bridal experience with your loved ones. 

4. Choose your boutique wisely. Look at experiences or reviews from other brides. Make sure that you love their collections. It is so great if you have been thoroughly recommended somewhere to go. Our diary is full of brides’ friends who are now coming back in as the bride, who once visited us as the bridesmaid.

5. As soon as a bride steps into her dress, she will know if it’s ‘Her One’! It seems cliché, but I promise it’s true! It may be the first dress she ever tries on, or it could be the 10th, but I promise she will feel something extra special.


What dress for what season?

I always recommend that a bride selects a gown fitting for the season that she is getting married in. 

In a beautiful setting, such as Careys Manor Hotel, spring and summer weddings can be centred around being outside with photographs and champagne in the gardens surrounded by beautiful flowers. I feel that soft, light gowns accented with fine lace appliqués work best at this time of the year. They harmonise so romantically with the outdoor feel of the wedding. 

Winter weddings are often styled around sumptuous warm colours, dimly lit rooms with an abundance of candles and soft twinkly lights. Therefore, I feel sparkle on the bride’s dress works so beautifully during this time of year. The Swarovski crystals catch the light so beautifully; the bride will be centre of attention all day long.

Why choose Anna Bridal?

We are passionate about offering the very best experience and service to each and every bride that walks through the door. We have a collection which has been curated for each body shape, housing gowns from designers such as Suzanne Neville and Justin Alexander in sizes 8-34. We’ve also won five amazing awards for Best Bridal Boutique in the Area/South Coast!


Anna Bridal is here to help and make you feel truly spectacular on your wedding day.

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