Best Photography Spots in the New Forest

17th Dec 2018

Artists of all mediums have loved, and will continue to love, the New Forest National Park. Not just for its ever-changing sunsets, carpets of heather, ancient woodland and cheeky New Forest ponies, but for the inspiration that comes when you’re surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife and the serenity of working creatively in such a magical place.

When it comes to photography there are endless spots to stop and capture in the New Forest, not to mention the proximity to the coast when you’re here, making it the perfect place for amateurs and professionals alike to wander to their hearts content, camera in hand.  

Our New Forest Hotel in Brockenhurst in the heart of the National Park is the perfect HQ for your photography escape. Grab your camera and step straight into a picture-perfect village and surrounding forests and heathlands, or jump in the car and go explore the surrounding areas. But where do the experts like to go to capture the wonderful wildness of this beloved National Park?

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We caught up with professional award-winning Photographers, Jackie King and Chris Button, to find out where their favourite New Forest photography spots are and why, so you can plan the perfect Photography escape. But first, a bit about our experts:

Photographer Jackie King has been a Professional Photographer for more than 18 years, in 2005 won ‘Photographer of the Year’ and when she’s not taking photos, she’s teaching others how. See more of Jackie’s work at

Photographer Chris Button specialises in landscape and macro photography, his passion was born at University and during his travels to find rare birds, and he’s been taking photos ever since. See Chris’s wonderful collection at

Jackie, where are your favourite New Forest photography spots?

  1. Brockenhurst Village, Brockenhurst

“Brockenhurst, and I’m not just saying that! I feel my shoulders drop as soon as I arrive in Brockenhurst, the scenery as you approach is so pretty and wistful, especially along 'Clay HIll' there are so many spots to pull over and explore, so much lush greenery and dense woodland...bliss! And whether I’m walking or driving through the village I feel such delight in watching the ponies and just being a little quieter than I normally would be.”

  1. Exbury Gardens, Exbury

“I am a massive fan of photographing flowers and Exbury is a gem, such a delight!”

  1. Lymington Harbour, Lymington

“[Lymington Harbour] is full of gorgeous wildlife and great views across to the Isle of Wight, plus I think it's always lovely to be near the sea. I love catching the ferry over to the Isle of Wight, this stretch of water is just so peaceful and it really is pretty at sunset.”

  1. Hengistbury Head, Bournemouth

“On the edge of the New Forest is Hengistbury Head, and the sunrise can be absolutely breath-taking! Also, walking along the beach past the beach huts to Mudeford Quay is one of my favourite things to do. (There's also really good tea and cake there too!)”

lymington harbour

Chris, where are your favourite New Forest photography spots?

  1. Rockford Common, Ringwood

“The northern side of Rockford Common has a track that leads the eye right down into the valley, which can also fill with mist in the right conditions, and in August the heather is in flower here too.”

  1. Ibsley Common, Ringwood

“At Ibsley Common there is a lovely single pine tree surrounded by heather.”

  1. Mogshade Hill, Lyndhurst

“In the Mogshade Hill area there is lots to photograph. The main pond with oak trees lined up along the edge looks great on a winter sunrise, as does the more secluded pond nearby. Also, you will see lots of lovely isolated silver birches, pine trees and an ancient oak.”

  1. Hatchet Pond, Brockenhurst

“I like photographing at Hatchet Pond because the pine trees appear to be on an island and in the summer a sunset on a calm evening has beautiful reflections and colour as the sun drops below the horizon.”

  1. Bolderwood, Lyndhurst

“There are various locations in Bolderwood including Mark Ash Wood and Knightwood Inclosure, where the beeches, birches and birch trees look fantastic on a foggy morning, and the colours in the autumn (around early November) look great.”

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Now that you have the experts’ inside knowledge and their favourite photo spots you can plan your New Forest Break. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you’ll need to start somewhere, and no matter what season it is, or even what the weather’s like, there is always something special to find and a certain magic to behold, in our unique National Park. Book your New Forest break and get those camera batteries charging, because once you start snapping here, it’s hard to stop!


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