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Essentials For The Perfect Summer Break

The chills of winter have barely left us but we’ve made it to summer and what could be more refreshing than a weekend break in the New Forest? It’s the ultimate reset button to take you into the months ahead feeling ready and renewed.

Careys Manor is a New Forest hotel with a difference because it has it all; discover a place where you can go to feel totally invigorated and completely relaxed, where you can enjoy an enthralling cycle and then a stroll amongst the trees, or completely indulge your sweet tooth with afternoon tea and then boost the body with a natural green smoothie. It’s your summer break so it can be whatever you need it to be.

Here are a few essentials that can help to enhance your New Forest hotel break…

A Good Book

It’s a classic but we’re talking true escapism. A title that you can really get lost in and preferably nothing that reminds you of work! Choose a book that will relax you, take you away to foreign climes or one that aims to enlighten and refresh the mind. Imagine a refreshing New Forest walk in dappled summer sunshine followed by the most comfortable afternoon lying on your soft hotel bed reading your favourite book? (We won’t blame you for imagining the nap that takes place after either.)

A spirit of adventure (and walking shoes)

You can’t have a weekend away in the the New Forest without taking a walk through the ancient woodland, especially during the summer when the gorse is in flower and the woodland is bursting with new life. This is why we recommend bringing some good walking shoes so you can venture into the forest and explore to your heart’s content.

Be warned though, when you reach the end of the day and you feel so wonderfully weary, stress-free and full of fresh forest air, you will want to book another night!

An Eye Mask

Sleep is truly an essential part of a summer break that can make or break a trip, so it’s about time that you discovered what it’s like to sleep in the heart of the New Forest.

It’s not just wonderful because you are in a quaint country village of Brockenhurst, surrounded by a peaceful ancient forest and the soothing sound of bird song but, because after a fresh forest walk, a full body massage at SenSpa and an indulgent dinner at one of three spectacular restaurants, you won’t be able to keep an eye open.

For good measure though, pop on an eye mask and get comfy in one our locally handcrafted beds made in nearby Milbrook (because you don’t need an alarm where you’re going).

A Bicycle

Bring it with you or hire a bike during your New Forest cycling break, because if you love exercise the New Forest is your playground and a far cry from your commute to work. You will be spoiled by the seemingly endless New Forest trails that will take you down winding paths and through beautiful country villages.

Cycling really is a fantastic way to cover lots of ground and see much of what this beautiful National Park has to offer, the hardest part will be deciding on which quaint country pub to stop at for lunch on the way!

Rest assured if you aren’t a lover of sweat-inducing complete body workouts that is alright too. You can hire a bike for a gentle cruise and simply enjoy taking in the sights. You might even want to stop by the sister hotel, The Montagu Arms for an award-winning Afternoon Tea.

A Bottle

Hydration is not the usual essential on the list but bare with us because although you might be visiting this beautiful New Forest spa hotel for ultimate relaxation, when you visit the New Forest national park you cannot help but want to explore; so why not bring with you a handy reusable bottle that you can keep refilled to refuel you along the way – great for the environment and the body!

In fact, you could turn your summer break into an opportunity to treat the body to some essential care. We’re recommended to drink ‘1-2 litres of water per day’ that’s roughly six to eight glasses but the Kantar Worldpanel revealed in 2015 that ‘80.8 percent of people in the UK drink no more than two servings of water per day’* and being fully hydrated is an essential part of functions; it can improve memory, aid digestion and enhance physical performance – the perfect way to ‘spring clean’ the mind and body on your summer staycation at the ultimate New Forest hotel, Careys Manor.

Now that you have all bases covered and know exactly how to plan the perfect summer break there’s nothing stopping you.

Book it, love it then reap the rewards from pressing that all-too-necessary reset button and step into summer feeling completely invigorated and wonderfully stress-free.


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