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5 Things We Love About Spring in the New Forest

It feels like the forest comes back to life in the spring time. When the clocks go forward we may lose an hour of sleep but having the extra hours of sunlight makes all the difference after months of dark evenings.

Spring time at our New Forest hotel is truly wonderful. During your visit you’ll see so much change as the forest prepares for the warmer months of summer. So what are our favourite things about this time of year?



You know spring has arrived when you spot the blanket of bluebells around the forest. This burst of colour makes for beautiful photos and is heavily admired by tourists and locals alike. Bluebells flower throughout April and May and we recommend visiting Pondhead Inclosure or Roydon Woods, both a short drive from the hotel, to spot these lovely flowers.

New Life


Spring also brings the highly anticipated arrival of the New Forest foals. These wobbly legged little animals spend their days doing nothing much however as a truly idyllic sight. You’ll find it hard to resist taking photos of the sweet little guys as they wander the area with their mothers. The New Forest Ponies are a much admired part of this National Park so be sure to go on the lookout whilst you’re here.

Exbury Gardens


A popular tourist destination in the New Forest, Exbury Gardens reopens from hibernation on 29th March. The 200 acre site is ‘world-famous for the Rothschild Collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and rare trees and shrubs. Boasting the most beautiful spring flowers including daffodils, primroses, magnificent magnolias and beautiful camelias all bursting into bloom, take a peaceful stroll through the gardens and truly get into the mood for spring.

Spring forward, fall back!


Losing an hour of sleep may seem a shame however it’s not so bad once you realise that means an extra hour of daylight. It won’t be long before you can be enjoying a G&T in the cedar garden Careys Manor at 9pm!