Q&A On Wedding Photography Trends for 2024 With Az Rehman

Wedding Photographer Az Rehman of Lemontree Photography joins us on the blog to talk about wedding photography trends in 2024.

1. When did your passion for photography start?

It started at about 14 years old. My dad was a keen photographer, and had a beautiful Zeiss Ikon: a German-built camera with a leather case that had a red velvet lining.

My geography teacher at secondary school was also a big influence. He was a into photography and ran a photography club, where we learnt how to use a camera and develop and print our own photos. I was hooked from then!

2. How did you manage to turn that passion into a full-time job?

Again, at school, with the help of some career’s advice, I realised this could be what I did for a living. I went on to study Art and Photography in Bournemouth, before heading to London to work as a photographer’s assistant.

3. What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?

I just love taking photographs, and being in a different situation with different people, and I love the challenge of doing the best I can do. Not just for the couple, but myself as well.

4. And most challenging?

Working under difficult interior lighting conditions, and the great British weather. Phones can also be a pain. I completely get that everyone wants to capture the moment, and have used my phone as a wedding guest as well, but it doesn’t look great in my wedding photos when every guest has a phone in their hand.

A few years ago, I shot a wedding where the guests were asked not to take any photos. It was one of my favourite weddings as everyone lost themselves in the day. That’s what a wedding is all about, a chance to celebrate life, and love.

5. We’re a few months in to 2024 now… What wedding photography trends have you seen emerge this year?

The photography trends go round and round, a little like fashion. There is definitely a strong editorial style that has become the norm, and that’s welcome from me. There is also a strong presence of classical photography – the kind that was fashionable in the 70s. Strong posing and very staged.

What’s also been interesting to see is a cleaner, more natural editing style amongst photographers.

6. Do you have any predictions for other trends that will come forward later into this year and 2025?

I predict we will see more of brides doing speeches, and couples not doing the first dance.

With regards to photography, we have become slaves to Instagram and TikTok (which I don’t use but probably should), and if you don’t have a strong presence it can affect business. Content creators are becoming more popular at weddings, and this is a hot topic in the industry. It’s a big change, and likely to stick around for some time.

7. What is one type of wedding photography you think will always continue to be popular, and do you agree it’s for good reason?

Reportage, candid, editorial, are all different names but are pretty much the same thing. Natural photography. This style has always been popular, since photographers started using 35mm SLR cameras back in the 80s. This is a much nicer way to shoot but not as easy as it looks. Couples want their guests to be photographed as well as them – everyone at the wedding is part of the story.

8. Do you have a favourite type of wedding photography, or is there a particular photoshoot you recall that you really enjoyed and were proud of?

My favourite part of a wedding day to photograph is the drinks reception, and the evening. Especially if it’s a beautiful warm summer evening and everyone is outside with them evening sun. As I mentioned before, one of my favourite weddings was the one where guests were asked not to take photos on their phones.

9. Sustainable weddings are certainly on the rise – is there anything for couples to consider when choosing a wedding photographer if they are trying to be more sustainable?

Yes, due to Covid, we are having more Zoom meeting with couples, especially for the initial meet. This means we are spending less time on the road and using fuel. What may have once been a 3-hour round trip plus a 30 minute meet, can now be done in 25 mins or less, on a video call. Also, forms are all online to sign, and images can be downloaded rather than posted on a flash drive.

10. Can you name 3 wedding photo opportunities you think work well for most weddings?

  • The first kiss is always the greatest shot. This has always been a key shot for wedding photographers to capture, and you can get some lovely expressions from family and friends.
  • Speeches used to be quite dull, but they have now become such an important part of the day. I love the speeches as they are a great opportunity to photograph the wedding guests as well as those speaking.
  • The dancefloor. Us photographers love this part of the day/ evening. It’s a chance to experiment with photographing techniques, and you can get some killer moments that really capture the energy of the crowd.

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