Why is Team Building So Important?

11th Jun 2015

There are so many great benefits to Team Building Events. Firstly the clue is in the name, it’s all about your team and building the best team in the company, the country, the world!

We see many companies visit our conference venue in the New Forest for team away trips, sales events and so much more. So why is team building so important for a business to succeed? Well aside from it giving management the chance to get to know the personalities behind the business, rewarding success and boosting staff morale, there’s a variety of different reasons and ways to integrate team building into your business strategy.
Why Is Team Building So Important | Careys Manor 2Why Is Team Building So Important | Careys Manor 3

For the team that has worked incredibly hard…

It’s time these hard working individuals received a reward. Recognition is vital in keeping your employees happy and motivated to remain dedicated, loyal and reliable. May we recommend a corporate spa day to rest those creative minds?

For the team that needs to bond…

Maybe this team has a few new members or just generally struggles to connect. Team building can knock that on the head rather quickly as it’s a fantastic ice breaker. With problem solving activities such as treasure hunts or fun team activities such as games shows and sports days, you’ll leave our hotel feeling stronger than ever and ready to work together better.

For the team that needs some training…

Team building is an effective training method. We work with a variety of companies that specialise in team building and creating bespoke activities to suit your objectives. How about integrating your training programme into a fun treasure hunt in the area?

For the team that deserves a bit of fun…

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun. It energises us, it motivates us and it makes us happy and ‘happy people sell’. We can help you plan an amazing event for your team, from quiz nights to award ceremonies, to country pursuits, sailing days, RIB boat races on the Solent or a bespoke event. Just ask our Conference & Events Sales Executive Lauren Bond-Thomas on this…
Why Is Team Building So Important | Careys Manor4

Lauren, what is your favourite bespoke event to date?

“In January 2013 – EMG turned the Cedar Suite into a winter wonderland for their winter Olympics themed event. They were grouped into countries and had an opening ceremony with games EMG created around the Olympics. It was so much fun plus, Eddie the Eagle came as a guest speaker!”

For the team that needs to refresh their minds…

Have you all suffered a creative block? It’s time to get out the office and into a new environment to find inspiration. Enjoy a day of fun before the hard work begins again. Why not hire one of our meeting rooms for the following day? We’ll fuel those imaginative minds with delicious food all day if you’d like!

To speak with our experienced event team about your next corporate event or our facilities, enquire online or call Lauren Bond-Thomas or Rachael Knowles on 01590 625217.

Why Is Team Building So Important | Careys Manor | New Forest
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