Top 3 Spa Treatments Embracing 'Hygge' at SenSpa

4th Apr 2017

Top 3 Spa Treatments Embracing 'Hygge' at SenSpa | Careys Manor2
The world happiness report showed that Danes are the happiest people on earth, largely due to Hygge. This wholesome Danish concept means to embrace life’s simple pleasures, to feel warmth, contentment and happiness from what is around you and what you have.
A similar concept exists in Thailand called khwamphasuk, meaning peace and wellbeing – 2 concepts deeply rooted in Thai culture. So in the pursuit of happiness, here are our top 3 Hygge or (khwamphasuk) spa treatments to leave you feeling nothing but purely happy!

Thai Herbal Poultice Full Body Massage | £110

Duration: 90 minutes
This popular treatment is a traditional Thai remedy for tired, aching muscles and involves a specially blended combination of Thai herbs and techniques to leave you feeling calm in both body and mind. A hot compress is applied to relieve deep aches and pains, promote healthy circulation and tone the skin, followed by a nourishing oil to massage the back.

Lava Shell Massage | £85

Duration: 60 minutes
A relaxing and pampering full body massage using self-heating Natural Tiger clam lava shells and aromatherapy oils to warm the body. A celebrity favourite, the warmth from the lava shell is absorbed by the muscle, encouraging it to relax and release tension.

SenExpress Manuka Facial | £60

Duration: 30 minutes
Good enough to eat, this facial uses the most delicious ingredients to exfoliate, soothe and refresh the skin. Acai berry, raspberry, carrot and neroli help skin to regenerate. Warm Manuka honey is then massaged in with a healing rose quartz crystal to exfoliate and hydrate, leaving skin feeling smoother and softer, looking brighter and healthier and feeling nourished.

When a treatment just isn’t enough…

Book a sensual spa day at the award-winning SenSpa. From half days to evenings, luxury breaks to full days of indulgence we have it all at our spa in Hampshire. Call 01590 624467 to find out more.
Top 3 Spa Treatments Embracing Hygge at SenSpa Careys Manor 1
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