The Health Benefits Of Careys Manor Signature Tea

25th Apr 2016

Tea is what the British live for and is our most loyal companion. It gets you started for the day, it is the perfect accompaniment to a delicious cake or scone and can be enjoyed all year round.There is nothing more satisfying than that moment of closing your eyes and inhaling the aroma of your favourite blend, before you take in that very first sip. Not only does this reliable beverage relieve your cold and sore throat but did it ever occur to us that tea is actually healthy?
We are proud to announce that we have recently partnered with Camellia’s Tea House, who specialise in hand-crafted teas, to create our very own range of artisan loose leaf teas with a range of beautiful flavours, targeting various health issues.
Here are 5 ways in which tea is good for your health:
The Health Benefits of Careys Manor Signature Tea2

1 – May reduce your risk of heart disease

It is well known that fruit and vegetables are good sources of antioxidants however it is less well known that green and black tea contain tea flavonoids which have strong antioxidant properties i.e. inhibiting damage to cells through oxidation by free radicals, which are well known to protect against conditions such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. Whilst tea is not a replacement for fruit and vegetables, studies have shown that drinking two to four cups of tea a day has approximately the same antioxidant “potency” as eating 6 apples! Sip our very own Careys Manor Signature tea, our most prized tea. This surprises you with a bold infusion to behind, with a pleasant finish, characterised by the flowery and subtly spicy undertones.

2 - A great source of vitamins & minerals

As well as contributing to antioxidant intake, drinking four cups of tea a day can provide certain vitamins and minerals, which are proven to promote health and wellbeing. The most common vitamins and minerals found in tea are Vitamin C, B, E, calcium, zinc, potassium and manganese.
Our favourite is always the Earl Grey. Wrap yourself up and sit outside on the front lawn with a cup of this beautifully scented tea. With a distinct flowery and citrusy flavour, this famous remedy remains the embodiment of the finest English tea.
The Health Benefits of Careys Manor Signature Tea3

3 - It’s hydrating

The work in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition dispels the common belief that tea dehydrates. Tea not only rehydrates as well as water does, but it can also protect against heart disease and some cancers, UK nutritionists found. Hydrate yourself by drinking our delicious and creamy Roobios tea with a fruity aftertaste, which is far more enjoyable than tasteless water.

4 - Tea may help prevent cancer

In black teas, which contain antioxidant activity, especially substantial free radicals, avenging activity and may protect cells from DNA damage caused by reactive oxygen species. Tea polyphenols have also been shown to inhibit tumour cell proliferation. Although many of the potential beneficial effects of tea have been attributed to the strong antioxidant activity polyphenols, the precise mechanism by which tea might help prevent cancer has not been established. Our chocolate black tea is the best and most healthy chocolate treat available. For centuries cocoa has been celebrated as a natural remedy and is also full of anti-oxidants. Indulge in the wonderfully light black tea with a strong aroma of delectable chocolate.

5 - It calms you down

We all know how hard it is to try and keep a steady balance in life. During your morning routine of preparing from the long day ahead, a coffee would seem far more appealing and on your car or train journey home, there is nothing more tempting than a nice cool glass of wine. We disagree, polyphenols found in green tea can boost dopamine in the areas of the breain where it's most needed. Without the rush of caffiene that your body will only last for a short time and a healthier alternative for your evening fix, our Green mint tea, will awaken all your senses with truly invigorating blends of peppermint will refresh your mind, body and soul.
Purchase this as a set and inhale the aromas of the unusual and delicate flavours into your system and experience tea like this only at Careys Manor Hotel or spoil yourself to an afternoon tea you will never forget with out amazing tea selection!

Book our delicious afternoon tea and experience these flavoursome teas accompanied with sumptuous cakes and scones. Click here to book.

The Health Benefits of Careys Manor Signature Tea1
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