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The SenSpa resort at Careys Manor Hotel is set in the heart of the enchanting New Forest - the perfect location for those wishing to unwind and escape a hectic daily lifestyle. With world-class hydrotherapy facilities, a herbal sauna, crystal steam room and invigorating experience showers, this spa resort is designed with true relaxation in mind.

The magic and healing power of water is harnessed at SenSpa within the blissful hydrotherapy pool, where visitors can relax on underwater benches. Muscles will be gently massaged by calming bubble jets as strategically located water jets help to relax the entire body - easing tension and improving joint mobility.

Spa Resorts to Cleanse and Detoxify

SenSpa | Careys Manor HotelKept at a constant 80 degrees celcius, the highly-acclaimed herbal sauna at SenSpa is designed to detoxify the skin while improving micro circulation - cleansing and revitalising the entire body.

Not many spa resorts in the UK can boast a crystal steam room - yet at Senspa, visitors will find themselves energised and invigorated by a large crystal of Bohemian Amethyst set within our captivating crystal steam room. Operating at a temperature of approximately 45 to 48 degrees celcius, pores are gently opened and cleansed while toxins are removed from the body.

For a true feeling of escapism, the experience showers at SenSpa have been designed to range from warm tropical rainfall to bracing cold sea or ice storm! Awaken your senses and enjoy the added light and sound effects which accompany each unique shower experience.

Health showers are key at all first-class spa resorts - at SenSpa, you can lose yourself in the luxurious and hypnotic scents of our health showers which include body jets to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Discover more about our luxury spa facilities today and browse treatments and tariffs here. If you are looking for spa resorts in the UK that can refresh, relax and invigorate your senses, look no further than the world-class Senspa at Careys Manor in the heart of the New Forest.

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