Our Helpful Tips On Planning Your Christmas Parties

4th Mar 2017

If you’re creative, proactive, organised, assertive and brave then this is the challenge for you! If you’re none of the above yet have still landed the responsibility, don’t panic. Many dread the prospect of organising the office Christmas ‘do’. After all, how do you find the time to do all this whilst working too? Sounds like a scary task but someone has to do it. At Careys Manor we organise many events throughout the year and Christmas is no exception. We’re hosting two very different Christmas parties at our New Forest Hotel. So to put you at ease with the entire planning process here are some of our top tips in organising a night to remember for all (or not if alcohol has anything to do with it!).

Establish a date & budget early

Talk to the powers that be and get a budget set, this will help you narrow down the options. It’s also important to get a date set in order to start making enquiries.

Source the venue

Do you need overnight accommodation or at least the option? Do you want plenty of entertainment and music? Are you looking for a set menu? Does the venue have easy access to public transport or a taxi service nearby? All these things are worth thinking about when looking for a venue.
Our Helpful Tips On Planning Your Christmas Parties | Careys Manor52

Make a decision

You’ve been given the job of organising the night so use your own initiative and make decisions. If you like the sound of something, book it.

Spread the word

Organise in plenty of time as Christmas is a busy period for everyone. Those with children will potentially need to organise childcare, move around other commitments, sort out their outfits and most importantly, it gives you plenty of time to collect the deposits if needed.
Our Helpful Tips On Planning Your Christmas Parties | Careys Manor64

Create excitement

Your colleagues are going to need to know all the information as soon as possible, why not create invitations? Take note of the venue’s theme and use this within your design to create excitement amongst your team.

So what will it be? An enchanting festive ball at a cosy country manor house hotel? Or a fun filled evening at our French Bistro, Le Blaireau including a theme and a disco? Click here to find out more about Christmas Parties at Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa or

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Our Helpful Tips On Planning Your Christmas Parties Careys Manor
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