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Photo Booth Etiquette | Careys Manor Hotel

Nov 2015

For those of you yet to experience the hilarity of a photo booth you simply haven’t lived! We’re not sure what it is yet for some reason when given a selection of props and merely seconds to pose these moments produce some of the funniest photos you’ll ever own.
We’ve witnessed lots of photo booth fun over the years as a popular wedding venue in the New Forest so we know the photo booth etiquette quite well now and they are as follows:


Photo Booth Etiquette | Careys Manor Hotel2
Remember, this isn’t for your passport so there are no restrictions on expression in this booth! Cross those eyes, stick that tongue out and show some teeth.

Those props are made for…using.

…and that’s just what you should do. There will be a huge selection to choose from and they’re there to be used which leads us nicely onto the next point.
Photo Booth Etiquette | Careys Manor Hotel3

It doesn’t have to make sense

Don’t think about your choice of props too much, there isn’t time! So what if you wear a cow mask and hold up a sign that says ‘neigh’, it might’ve made sense to you in that moment and let’s face it… it’s funny!
Photo Booth Etiquette | Careys Manor Hotel4

Don’t get too carried away

Remember, what seems like a good idea after copious amounts of champagne may not be a good idea the morning after. Sure, have fun but don’t get too carried away. For most weddings the photo booth is a way of documenting the night therefore inappropriate behaviour could ruin the happy couple’s album and this wouldn’t be fair would it?

It’s always the shy ones!

You’d be surprised how silly it can get; even the shyest of individuals find their inner confidence once with a prop in hand. So make sure they get involved and loosen up a little.
Photo Booth Etiquette | Careys Manor Hotel5

Give others a chance

Time is precious so don’t spend your entire evening in here pulling strange faces, partly because if the wind changes you might stay that way, yet most importantly you ought to give someone else a chance to play.

Forever means forever

What happens in the booth certainly doesn’t stay in the booth. Once that snap is taken it could be on someone’s phone or Facebook forever plus, many photo booth companies hold onto their archives for several years so don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to be accessible for a lonnnnng time.

And you don’t need a physical booth to make this happen…

The concept is so simple, just make sure you have a nice backdrop be it plain white or themed and provide a handful of props and your guests will have a wonderful time. Nowadays so many of us have smartphones and selfie sticks therefore it’s easy to create a photo booth experience of your own and that’s just what we’ve done! Our props and forest themed backdrop await your arrival...

We ‘Moustache’ you to join us…

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Photography by: ASRPHOTO
Photo Booth Etiquette | Careys Manor Hotel1
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