Introducing Sean Hincks | SenSpa Operations Manager

5th Nov 2014

As SenSpa, New Forest celebrates its 10th birthday we would also like to celebrate those members of staff who have been with us since its inception.

Sean Hincks plays an integral part in the running of SenSpa. With an experienced background in competition fitness, strength and conditioning training and injury rehabilitation, Sean is a highly respected member of the team with a real passion for health and wellbeing and the philosophy of SenSpa.
Sean graduated from Southampton University in 1995 with a degree in Sports Studies, majoring in Exercise Physiology. He began working for the Careys Manor ‘Carat Club’ in January 1997 as a Fitness Instructor before being promoted to Spa Operations Manager when SenSpa was launched in 2004.
His interest in fitness stems from his active upbringing. At the age of 5 he began learning to SCUBA dive which led him to gain his Open Water Instructor qualification in adulthood. Sean’s love for water sports does not stop at SCUBA diving however; he is a regular surfer choosing Highcliffe and Kimmeridge in Dorset as his favourite surfing destinations.
Introducing Sean Hincks | SenSpa Operations Manager1

“I tend to dive anywhere between ½ mile and 20 miles out to sea and everywhere between the needles and Portland. I dive with Hurn Sub Aqua Club 2-3 times a week from April to November and usually surf the other half of the year.”

He represented Ireland at a national level in the 2005 Lough Neagh ITU European Cup Triathlon and continues to cycle every day, and is also a fan of rugby too. Whilst he enjoys watching the sport, he also admires those who play,

“The sports personality I most respect is Brian O’Driscoll. He is the most capped player in the Rugby Union history with 133 for his country. He has overcome some career threatening injuries and has always strived for the best and never let fame affect his family life.”

One of Sean’s most memorable moments whilst working at SenSpa was in 2007. He wrote to all the health clubs in the area challenging them to take part in the Lymington 10K and race against Team SenSpa and the losing teams would have to donate £500 to the RNLI.

“I was very pleased when our team won and all the losing teams kept up with their end of the deal! We have supported the event by sponsoring first prize ever since”.

Another event Sean remembers fondly was during the building of SenSpa.

“A JCB crashed through the brickwork and fell into the Jacuzzi. No one was hurt however it was quite amusing. We had to get another JCB to pull it out!”.

Sean met his wife Atom at SenSpa where she worked as a therapist. They married in October 2008 and have a son together who Sean enjoys sharing his cycling with.

To book a PT session with Sean or to become a member of the SenSpa Health Club please call 01590 624267 or click here.

Introducing Sean Hincks1 | SenSpa Operations Manager
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