Introducing Our Regional Lunch Menu

14th Feb 2017

Embark on a gourmet adventure at Le Blaireau, our French Bar & Bistro with our new 'Regional Lunch Menu’.

Each month we will be creating a new menu to celebrate a particular region of France, giving you the opportunity to taste delicacies that have put France at the forefront of culinary excellence.
This month, prepare your taste buds as we jump into the pages of the storybook region of Alsace.
Within a pocket of enchanting wood beamed houses, historic gothic buildings, and unimaginable landscapes, this fairy-tale escape is also home to some of the most rare and unusual dishes in the world.
This “bucket-list” destination  is located in north-eastern France on the Rhine River plain bordering Germany and Switzerland, explaining the unique blend of French, German and Swiss ingredients that the have been slowly adapted over centuries into Alsace cuisine.
Introducing Our Regional Lunch Menu | Careys Manor2Introducing Our Regional Lunch Menu | Careys Manor5
Alsatian cuisine is usually served in very generous portions with popular hearty dishes including ‘Choucroute Garnie’ meaning ‘Dressed sauerkraut’. This dish incorporates finely cut German cabbage, salted cuts of pork, sausages and potatoes and features proudly on our Alsace regional menu.
Alsace is also an important wine producing region and principally offers white wine made from grapes of Burgundy and Germany.
Le Blaireau Head Chef Jean-Raymond Dijoux has created a delectable menu to give you the chance to taste exquisite dishes from Alsace yourself, right here in the New Forest. To start, try chef’s Quiche Lorraine followed by mouth-watering Breast of Chicken with Mushrooms and Cancoillotte Cheese served with ‘Spaetzle’, a soft egg noodle, popular in Switzerland and Austria. Finish with ‘Streusel aux pommes et raisin’ – an ancient Alsatian apple cake inspired by Austrian gastronomy.

It sounds simply delicious doesn’t it?
Click here to find out more about Le Blaireau or to book a table call 01590 623032.
Photography credit to: PlanetWare
Introducing Our Regional Lunch Menu | Careys Manor
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