How To Deal With Mondays

16th Feb 2017

It comes round every week yet many of us still struggle with Mondays! Even if you love your job or have had a relaxing weekend, there’s something about Mondays that we just can’t handle.
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It doesn’t have to be this way; Mondays are good – the start of a new week, a fresh start. So let’s tackle Mondays together, after all when the sound of your alarm is ringing in your ear and reality sinks in, you’re not alone.
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So start the day with some exercise.

To go into great detail about the importance of exercise is a whole new blog article in itself however; exercise in the morning is a brilliant way to start the day. We’re not talking an intense gym session, although this is fine too, but even just a brisk walk around the block, filling your lungs with fresh air and getting the blood flow working around your body. Exercise also releases endorphins which make us happy – something that will help you start Monday on the right track.
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Also, don’t procrastinate on a Monday just because it’s Monday.  Think of how amazing Friday will be if you tackle all those big, difficult tasks at work on a Monday? We’ll tell you how it’s going to feel, it’s going to feel marvellous!
Make Monday a productive day; it’ll go quicker that way too. The busier you are the better. Why not organise something fun to finish the day off like a delicious dinner or a drink with friends?
Or rather than deal with Mondays, why not extend your weekend? Book a midweek break somewhere relaxing and enjoy next Monday in a different way, and we know juuuuust the place!
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How To Deal With Mondays | Careys Manor
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