Lock Up Your Love At Careys Manor

22nd Jun 2015

“A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys and keys that fit our locks.”

Throughout the years the romantic gesture of 'love locking' has become increasingly popular. The reason for this is unknown however the tradition comes from both Chinese and European history however different the stories are, the intention remains the same, locking love up to last a lifetime – sweet isn’t it? In fact, it's so popular that it’s becoming quite a nuisance in some parts of the world. Only recently authorities in Melbourne removed over 22,000 love locks from the Southgate Footbridge over safety concerns and many cities have removed love locks for conservation purposes.
One of the most popular destinations among Europe to lock up your love was on the Parisian bridge of Pont des Arts. Concerns begun to grow in 2010 and on the evening of 11th May the locks mysteriously disappeared. Authorities were blamed yet this was never proven and sweethearts continued to padlock the bridge up until this month when the city decided enough was enough, no more padlocks! Thousands have since been removed and the bridge is being restored. This is a sad time for love yet we must continue the tradition at Careys Manor.
Lock Up Your Love | Careys Manor4
We’re very excited to announce the new secret garden at our wedding venue in Hampshire. Behind the cladded wooden gate lies a romantic world awaiting your newlywed footsteps. Perfect for photo opportunities, this garden is exclusive for you and your photographer to explore, enjoy and capture. After every wedding at Careys Manor Hotel we’ll give our happy couples a padlock to lock up in the secret garden as a symbol of where their exciting new chapter has begun. These happy couples can return to the hotel whenever they like and revisit their treasured padlock with its very own ribbon to match the colour theme of their special day too.
These padlocks have already been engraved with the Bride and Groom’s name with the date of their wedding to be remembered forever in the grounds of the hotel. The rest of the garden remains a secret; we wouldn’t want to ruin the magic!

If you would like to get married at Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa and lock up your love in the secret garden, click here to find out more about weddings at our enchanting hotel in the New Forest.

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