Why Book A Corporate Summer Party

19th Jun 2017

By Rachael Knowles | Sales and Events Manager

Summer is such a wonderful time to celebrate, full stop. 

Everybody feels happier with the warmer days and longer nights.  Everybody loves to be outdoors, enjoying a BBQ and socialising.  Summer parties aren’t just enjoyed with family and friends, they are also becoming more and more popular with companies too.
Why Book A Corporate Summer Party | Careys Manor45
The annual Christmas Party is a given for any company.  Employees look forward to their end of year treat for working so hard, where they can just relax and enjoy socialising with their colleagues.  With Corporate Summer Parties increasing in popularity, this ‘up and coming’ event is definitely one to add to your events calendar.  We host many parties for corporates every year and have seen how effective they are for businesses.  They are highly rewarding, engaging and make employees feel appreciated.  For this reason, many more employers are now recognising that it’s so important to acknowledge employees’ hard work year round and not just at year end.
Here are just some of the reasons why I believe you should throw a Summer Party…

Boost Staff Morale

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, not just at Christmas. It’s so important to continually acknowledge the good job that your teams are doing and what better way than to organise a party where employees can let their hair down with their colleagues, partners and families.  When returning back to the office, employees will feel engaged, gratified and motivated – meaning better results for themselves and, even better, the company!

Reward Employees for Achievements so far

It’s always a big ask for employees to remain 100% committed and driven for a full year without receiving any acknowledgement or reward until Christmas.  When employees have done well, why shouldn’t they be rewarded at various intervals throughout the year?  By throwing a party where they can forget about business and just really enjoy themselves, the end result is your employees remaining completely focused, thus providing you with even better results than you’d ever hoped for.

Team Bonding

What better way to help a team to bond than providing the fun atmosphere for them to do so?  Once your guests have relaxed into the surroundings of the party, the conversation will flow naturally, enabling your employees to get to know each other better, both on a personal level and, if desired, a business level.  Then once back in the office you’ll notice the bond has already been developed, employees will feel more comfortable in each other’s company and the teams will start to work more effectively with each other.
Why Book A Corporate Summer Party | Careys Manor

Do You Actually Need a Reason?

If business is booming, employees are happy and the future looks bright – then why not?  Sometimes, we just don’t need a specific reason to celebrate, so embrace the spontaneity and just book!

Our Summer Party Package starts from just £50+VAT per person and includes everything you need for a corporate celebration to remember!

To book, contact Rachael Knowles on 01590 625217 or alternatively 

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Why Book A Corporate Summer Party | Careys Manor52
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